When To Buy Makeup Geek's New Signature Highlighters So You Can Glow, Baby, Glow — PHOTOS

Summer is long gone but your glow needn't follow suit. You can enjoy that lit-from-within glow all year round with Makeup Geek's New Signature Highlighters. The brand is releasing seven fierce highlighters in a variety of shades, from light to dark, so you can glow, baby, glow. The Makeup Geek Signature Highlighters come in Ignite, Firework, Daybreak, Midnight Sun, Rekindle, Luster, and Glitz, so their names offer an indication of just how brightly you can shine when using 'em. When can you buy the new Makeup Geek Signature Highlighers, which cost $20 a piece?

You don't need to be patient and wait, since the Makeup Geek Signature Highlighters arrive on Wednesday, Oct. 26. You can head over to the Makeup Geek site to purchase these brilliant beauties. You can use them as part of a conturing regimen or you can pop them inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect. It's all about the gleam.

BTW, the Makeup Geek Signature Highlighters are not to be confused with the brand new Duochrome Highlighters, which also launch on Oct. 26. They come in six similar shades but with a different finish.

Observe the new Signature Highlighters below. I hereby grant you permission to freak out with excitement.

The swatches pop against every skin tone, proving that anyone can rock the new MUG Signature Highlighters. If you are an expert with highlighters, I really don't know how you are going to select only one or two shades, since these precious metals are so richly pigmented and rad.

Here are the Duochrome Highlighters, which impart some serious shimmer and metallic moxie. You can truly appreciate the power pigments of these highlighters when watched against darker skin tones. Makeup Geek certainly keeps its fans, shoppers, and diehards satiated with new products.

Images: Makeup Geek Cosmetics/Instagram (2)