When Can You Buy Bite Beauty's Mauvember Lipstick? It's All In The Name — PHOTOS

Remember that gorgeous mauve lipstick that Bite Beauty created last year? Well, it's making a comeback. The company is asking people to join the mauvement with the limited edition shade once again. When will Bite Beauty's Mauvember shade be available, you ask? The answer is all in the name, people. That means that the gorgeous lippie is almost here.

In case you don't remember, let me catch you up. Last year, Bite Beauty created a stunning mauve lipstick named Mauvember. All the proceeds went to the Movember Foundation, which fights issues such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. People were so into the gorgeous shade for a great cause that the company has decided to bring it back again this year.

If you can't already tell by the name, Mauvember is only available in the month of November. The limited-edition shade is, you guessed it, mauve. Once again, all proceeds of every lipstick sold during the month will go towards the Movember Foundation. That means you can have a new lipstick shade and help someone at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that!

Just look at that color! Even though it's only sold during the fall, it's perfect for all year around. According to their last year's post, the lipstick is completely natural and will be available for $28. That's a small price to pay for such a great cause.

Last year, the lippie was an exclusive to Sephora Canada, but according to the company's recent post, it will be available at the US Sephora this year as well. Whether you're buying one for yourself or gifting it for the holidays, you really can't go wrong with this purchase.

Mark those calendars, because November is almost here! Shopping for makeup has never been so rewarding.

Images: BiteBeauty/Instagram (1)