Will Jeremy Gilbert Return To 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 8? Fans Need Closure For The Character

It seems like everyone is focused on whether or not Nina Dobrev's Elena is returning to The Vampire Diaries for its final season, but I’m wondering about another major character that fans haven't seen in awhile. Will Jeremy Gilbert return to Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries ? I feel like the showrunners kind of just left us hanging with him and the fact that he’s been off hunting vampires for, like, three years, and before the series comes to a close at the end of 2016, fans need an update on Little Gilbert and what he’s been up to. When Jeremy actor Steven R. McQueen left the show after Season 6, executive producer Julie Plec told E! Online that, “He's got a standing invite for weddings, funerals, and whatever else comes around.” I just hope McQueen decides to take her up on it.

It’s been awhile since fans last saw Jeremy. He was in a bad place when Bonnie died and went to the prison world with Damon, and an even worse place when Damon came back and Bonnie didn’t. Jeremy went into the prison world and almost had to watch Bonnie commit suicide. He later decided to leave and go to “art school,” which is actually code for vampire hunting, but to this day, Alaric is the only one who knows what he’s actually doing. With the three-year jump into the future last season, fans have no idea what’s going on with his character. The last time we even saw Jeremy was when he came back to say goodbye to Elena.

But Jeremy needs to come back, because I, for one, have some questions that I need answered before the series ends, such as:

Is He Still A Vampire Hunter?

How’s that going for him? It’s been three years and we don’t know if he’s actually still doing that or if he’s finally settled into a normal life. We need to know.

Has He Met A New Girl?

He’s got a track record of his girlfriends dying on him, so I wonder if he’s finally found someone he can be with, who isn’t dead. Is he married? Engaged? Or has vampire hunting consumed him to the point he’s not thinking about girls? Honestly, it’s a shame he never met Rayna Cruz. They would have hit it off.

Is He Connected To Sybil?

There’s a new villain and she’s already going after a Salvatore family member. What happens when she finds out about the Gilbert clan? Will Jeremy be one of her targets? She seems pretty crazy and intent on killing everyone. You never know.

What About Jeremy And Bonnie?

I hope die hard Vampire Diaries fans won’t hate me for saying this, but I thought Bonnie and Jeremy were one of the cutest couples on the show (sorry, Enzo) and I hated the way everything ended with them. There was no closure on their relationship after Bonnie came back from the prison world. I want some type of reconciliation for them because I was always rooting for them to make it.

Is Jeremy Even Still Alive?

No offense to Jeremy but he had already died at the hands of vampires a few times before he hit high school graduation. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to learn he hasn't made it three years in the vamp killing business.

Will He Come Back For Elena’s Awakening?

If Elena wakes up at the end of the show, which I’m fairly certain has to happen, will he come back for her? Maybe just to say hello?

What About Bonnie’s Funeral?

If Elena wakes up then we know Bonnie is dead. He would have to come back to say good-bye. They were after all in love at one point and it would be pretty unlike Jeremy to not come back for a pivotal moment like that.

Basically, I just need closure.

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