15 Harry Potter Inspired Beauty Products, Because Makeup Brushes Just Aren't Enough

Being a fan of Harry Potter can be all encompassing, especially now that you can buy literally a Harry Potter version of anything you could ever need. The discovery of Harry Potter makeup brushes made pretty big news recently, not to mention the fact that you can get Harry Potter dildos, Harry Potter toilet lids, and yes, Harry Potter makeup. The latter is enough to make wizard-wannabe beauty fanatics get really excited.

There's bath bombs, temporary tattoos and highlighters galore — all you need to do is have a proper search. There's no limit to the Harry Potter beauty paraphernalia you can find on the internet, especially if you're the type to get a little bit experimental with your beauty looks — think of it as making literal beauty magic.

Whether you're just looking to replace a worn out makeup bag with something a bit more pop culture, or you really want eyeshadow shades inspired by a world of magic, this list has it all. Get ready to splash the cash —galleons, sickles and knuts also accepted — on some pretty special Harry Potter goodies.

1. Harry Potter False Nails

Harry Potter False Nails, $10.01, etsy.com/naileditbychelsey

Pimp that manicure with some press on nails that represent your favorite book series.

2. Marauder's Map Makeup Bag

Marauders Map Makeup Bag, $7.12, hottopic.com

If you're a major fan of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs — maybe even more than the main trio — this makeup bag is perfect for you.

3. Chocolate Frog Bronzer

Milk Chocolate Frog Bronzer, $9, shirocosmetics.com

Shiro Cosmetics have a makeup line for almost every popular book series you can think of, so of course they have Harry Potter themed cosmetics. This bronzer is inspired by the chocolate frog candy and even comes with a witch or wizard trading card, just like in the books.

4. Hufflepuff Bath Bomb

Hufflepuff Bath Bomb, $5.50, etsy.com/fizzyfairyapothecary

Not only does this Etsy store have a bath bomb for each Hogwarts house, but they come with a surprise charm inside to represent your patronus! Fingers crossed you get an animal you like.

5. Patronus Lip Balm

Patronus Lip Balm, $4, etsy.com/geekfirelabs

Ever wondered what a patronus would taste like? Apparently vanilla, white chocolate and a little hint of mint, according to Geek Fire Labs on Etsy.

6. Butterbeer Lip Gloss

Butterbeer Lip Gloss, $10, shirocosmetics.com

The only trouble with a great tasting lip gloss is that you may accidentally lick it all off.

7. Amortentia Nail Polish

Amortentia Nail Polish, $10, etsy.com/lynbdesigns

Unfortunately love potion just doesn't exist in real life, but this sparkly pink polish is the next best thing.

8. Gryffindor Cosmetics Bag

Gryffindor Makeup Bag, $9.50, hottopic.com

Support your house lions, with this perfectly Gryffindor levels of obnoxious makeup bag.

9. Wizard Wheezes Eyeshadow

Wizard Wheezes Eyeshadow, $6.50, shirocosmetics.com

Inspired by the Weasley twins' joke shop, this eyeshadow is the perfect blend of neutral tone with a whole load of purple and green sparkle.

10. Have A Biscuit, Potter Eyeshadow

Have A Biscuit, Potter Eyeshadow, $6.50, shirocosmetics.com

One of Minerva McGonagall's most iconic lines, this eyeshadow proves green isn't just for Slytherins.

11. Mischief Managed Temporary Tattoo

Mischief Managed Temporary Tattoo, $2, etsy.com/seventhskin

Get a Harry Potter tattoo without actually getting a Harry Potter tattoo. A kind of try before you buy deal, if you're thinking of getting some HP ink permanently.

12. Severus Snape Hand Mirror

Severus Snape Hand Mirror, $8, etsy.com/onestopbuttonshop

If your heart didn't break reading this line — or seeing it in the movie — then you're fronting. This mirror alone is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

13. Felix Felicis Lipstick

Felix Felicis Lipstick, $9, shirocosmetics.com

Rock your love of Harry Potter and the metallic lip trend at once with this potion inspired lippy.

14. Hogwarts Crest Makeup Bag

Hogwarts Crest Makeup Bag, $8.92, hottopic.com

If you're undecided on your Hogwarts house - or you simply don't agree with your Pottermore result — then represent them all at once with this makeup bag.

15. Expecto Patronum Highlighter

Expecto Patronum Highlighter, $15, etsy.com/touchofglambeauty

The patronuses in Harry Potter are described as being the most beautiful, shimmery image, so it makes perfect sense to make that image into a highlighter.

If you're looking for Christmas presents for the big Harry Potter fan in your life or if you are the big Harry Potter fan in your life, this list should have you covered. Even if you don't care for makeup, you have to admit these products are pretty damn cool.

Images: Courtesy Brands