7 Rules For Using Dry Shampoo Over Regular Shampoo

Now that the chillier months are upon us, washing our hair is less appealing than ever. It's wet, it's cold, and it takes foreverrrr to blow-dry and style it (#tbt to the days of effortless beach waves). Thankfully, it isn't always necessary to go all out with wet hair and real shampoo... there are certain situations where dry shampoo is totally fine.

As someone who personally despises washing her hair, especially in the winter, I am fully, fully on board with the dry shampoo movement. The good news? Hair experts (who know way, way more about this kind of stuff than I do) are on board with the whole no-wash thing, too. "We wash our hair much more than we need to. It’s actually counterproductive as the more you wash the more oil your scalp produces," says Canadian hair guru Marc Anthony.

When it comes to the battle between dry and regular shampoo, there are a few important things to know, including the fact that even though they may seem interchangeable the definitely are not. You are not Shailene Woodley, and cannot get away with only getting your hair wet once a month (she's famous, so no one ever wants to tell her she smells like grease).

Here are seven things you should know when it comes to dry shampoo versus regular shampoo — just don't go outside with wet hair.

1. There's No Set Number Of Times You Should Wash Per Week

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Anthony says that two to three times a week is ideal, while Macadamia's Professional International Creative Director Giannandrea says that once a week is plenty. "Too often and the scalp manufactures excess oils and your ends, which are older and drier, can tend to get fly-aways," says Anthony.

2. How Often You Should Wash Your Hair Has Nothing To Do With How Long It Is

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How often you should wash your hair is determined by how quickly it gets greasy, not how long it is. "The length of your hair is irrelevant: scalp gets dirty while the rest is just covered in dust and pollution," says Anthony. But according to Giannandrea, length does matter when it comes to how much product you should use. The longer your locks, the more shampoo and conditioner you'll need.

3. Dry Shampoo Is Always An Option

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"Use dry shampoo whenever you can," says Anthony. "It’s a great time saver and our Clear Dry Shampoo gets rid of dirt and grease while leaving hair refreshed and with a punch of volume, because sometimes every moment counts." Best. News. Ever

4. Dry Shampoo Can Extend Your Blowout

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Use dry shampoo in between washes to extend the blowout and add volume and texture. "I personally love dry shampoo, as it gives the hair great texture and volume a second wind," says Giannandrea. It’s perfect for fine hair also and if you’re in a rush and don't have time to wash, this option is a life safer.

5. There's A Right Way To Use Dry Shampoo

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You only really need it at the roots, so you're attacking the grease at the origin. "I prefer spraying the underside of each section as it adds a bit of extra volume to the overall look," says Anthony. Instead of waiting until the morning, spray in dry shampoo before bed so that you'll disperse it into your hair while you roll around overnight. "Spray it on the roots and gently rub it into the hair, focusing at the crown to absorb oil and increase volume," says Giannandrea.

6. There Is Also A Right Way To Use Regular Shampoo

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The only part of your hair that gets truly dirty is the roots, where pollution, dust and dirt mix with the oils from your scalp. "If your hair is oily do not over scrub the scalp; if you hair is normal gently massage the scalp and hair in a round motion, always gentle," says Giannandrea.

7. There's A Right Way To Use Conditioner, Too

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Unlike shampoo, you do not need to put conditioner anywhere near your roots. "Our natural oils keep our hair conditioned," says Anthony. He advises using conditioner from about an inch away from your roots to your ends.

Now you know when to pick up the dry shampoo and when to hop in the shower for a real good wash.

Images: Bustle; Courtesy of Brands