11 Colorful Highlighters For People Who Want To Embrace Their Inner Unicorns

When Jeffree Star released his Onyx Ice highlighter, many makeup fans stopped and asked why — the black highlighter is the opposite of the shade a highlighter normally is. However, it also keeps selling out. That considered, maybe Jeffree Star is onto something — colorful highlighters might be more useful and popular in the beauty realm than you'd think. Consider how popular rainbow highlighter is, who's to say that colorful highlighters wouldn't be?

These highlighters are fun for using as actual highlighters, but you could totally wear them on other parts of your face, too. Because of their bright tones, these could easily work as eyeshadows and for the more creative among us, the limits of these products are endless.

So whether you're just looking to spice up your strobing game with something a little bit different or you just love an alternative kind of product, this list is perfect for your perusal of some of the crazier shades of highlighter out there. Although it may be easier to just use your own stock of eyeshadows to create a similar look to these highlighters, but where's the fun in that? If you need a new type of product to invest your money into, look no further.

1. Black Highlighter

Onyx Ice Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Who would have thought a black highlighter would ever need to exist? Jeffree Star, that's who.

2. Rainbow Highlighter

Rainbow Highlighter, $7.99, amazon.com

And the opposite of black highlighter - rainbow highlighter. Why not wear all the colors at once?

3. Blue Highlighter

Honeymoon Highlighter, $8, colourpop.com

This icy shade of blue is perfect for anyone who feels particularly inspired by the White Walkers in Game of Thrones.

4. Purple Highlighter

Sticky Sweet Highlighter, $8, colourpop.com

Give off the ultimate alien vibes with this bright purple highlighter.

5. Mint Highlighter

Mint Condition Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Feel minty fresh with this gorgeously greeny blue shade of highlighter from Jeffree Star. A refreshing contrast to the Onyx Ice shade.

6. Mermaid Highlighter

Mermaid Highlighter, $17, etsy.com/pashmacco

Why leave the layered highlighters to just rainbow colors? These mermaid inspired tones look stunning together.

7. Lavender Highlighter

Lavender Snow Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Or if you want more subtle purple tones, this Skin Frost shade is perfect for you.

8. More Blue Highlighter

Frozen Pressed Highlighter, $15.95, etsy.com/lalacosmeticsshop

Do you really need more than one shade of blue highlighter? Well when they're as beautiful as this: Yes, yes you do.

9. Pink Highlighter

Monster Highlighter, $8, colourpop.com

Feel pretty in pink with this gorgeous pearlescent highlighter.

10. Green Highlighter

Perilune Highlighter, $8, colourpop.com

Maybe it'll make you look like you're Frankenstein's Monster or maybe it'll just make you look sickening. Regardless — it's fun to experiment!

11. America Highlighter

America Highlighter, $13.99, etsy.com/facecandycouture

Because who isn't feeling patriotic right now?

When it comes to highlighting, there truly are no limits. Go forth and shine bright like the colorful unicorn that you are.

Images: Courtesy Brands