9 Customizable Accessories To Make Your Own

When a new trend hits, it's often hard to find a way to make it your own. Considering everyone you know (and most of their actual mothers) now have chokers, off-the-shoulder tops and "athleisure" pieces, it's difficult to keep your style unique while still embracing what's technically "fashionable." Enter customizable accessories. Why settle for something everyone else has when you can create something that's completely one of a kind?

These days, the options are literally limitless. Gone are the days of monogrammed LL Bean backpacks being the only way to express yourself (though those were seriously amazing... mine was hot orange with more plastic charms than I would like to admit). From creating different color combinations to adding tchotchkes to stamping your name all over it, you can now make pretty much any accessory out there completely your own. Especially now that it's winter, when so many of us revert to an all black errythang uniform, personalized accessories are a way to work a statement piece into even the most boring outfit (sorry not sorry I'm wearing black boots, black pants and a black turtleneck as I write this).

Here are nine customizable hats, bags, and shoes that you can be sure no one will accidentally mistake as their own.

1. Customized Backpack

Jules Kae Kelly Large Leather Backpack, $298,

This is exactly what I mean when I say the monogram backpacks of our youth have grown up. Jules Kae has backpacks, pouches and cross body bags that can be decorated with a variety of stickers and fur pom poms. I can pretty much guarantee no one else will be showing up to the first day of school/work/anything with a bag like this.

2. Customized Scarf

Exquisite Cashmere Wrap, $239,

Mark and Graham's website lets you personalize pretty much anything you could possibly imagine (it's a great source for holiday gifting, FYI) and this cashmere wrap is as cozy as it is custom.

3. Customized Vest

Monogrammed Faux Fur Vest, $39,

This vest would be just as cool (and warm... ha) without the monogram, but it's totally unlike anything else out there.

4. Customized Tote

Laudi Vidni Cambiare Tote, $495,

There are dozens of bag options on the Laudi Vini site, and you're responsible for choosing everything from the inside lining to the type of leather you want to the hardware. There isn't a monogram option, but there are so many other personal touches you won't need to stamp your name on it to make it feel like your own.

5. Customized Sneakers

Custom Classic Slip On Vans, $85,

This is a picture of me. On a pair of Vans. That is all.

6. Customized Wallet

Kate Spade Hartley Lane Initial Lacey, $198,

Kate Spade, Queen of Cute, has dozens of personalized wallet (and bag, and notebook) options, including these single-letter styles and fully monogrammable ones.

7. Customized Hat

Monogrammed Hat With A PomPom, $59.99,

Is this over the top? Hell, yeah. But in the best way possible.

8. Customized Shoes

Custom Flat, $149,

This website is every woman's solution to never being able to find the right shoes. You can customize any style — flats, heels, boots — with everything from the color of the leather to the height of the heel.

9. Customized Notebook

Custo Small Soft Cover Notebook, Prices Vary,

Who says you can't personalize and accessorize your office supplies, too?

Images: Courtesy of Brands