There's Still Time To Watch 'Gilmore Girls'

The new trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life may have you anxious to revisit every moment of the original series so that you won't miss any reference, and can spend the next 30 days in full celebration mode. Can you watch all of Gilmore Girls before the revival? The entire series is available to stream, and you're not completely out of time yet.

I recently watched Gilmore Girls, from Chilton to Krysten Ritter, on Netflix myself. It's incredibly easy to marathon. However, I took an entire year to complete that seven season journey. Starting now takes an extra level of commitment. If you make like Alexander Hamilton, because the man is non-stop, it takes four days, 16 hours, and 12 minutes to watch all seasons of Gilmore Girls in one sitting with no breaks. Providing that you don't need to work, absorb sunlight, sleep, or interact with humans outside of your living space, that sounds reasonable, right?

It doesn't, you need to live your life. So, here is a quick breakdown of how long it will take you to watch the entire series on Netflix no matter how much time you have left, plus a few compromises you could make if you get bogged down. Start planning!

In One Month (Starting Oct. 26)

To finish Gilmore Girls in a month, watch five episodes a day, and add an extra episode on four of those (probably weekend) days. Considering that you might go past five on some of those nights, there's no reason why you can't get the whole thing in.

In Two Weeks (Starting Nov. 11)

If you need to carve out some time, or get a late start, then you need to watch exactly 11 episodes a day. That's less scary when you remember the Thanksgiving Holiday, but you could also do 16 episodes on weekends and nine on week days. Maybe skip "A Vineyard Valentine," "That's What You Get, Folks, For Making Whoopee" or other Gilmore Girls episodes you may not want to think about.

In One Week (Starting Nov. 18)

This is not recommended, but if you were to take on all of Gilmore Girls in one week, you'd need to watch 22 episodes a day. Yes, that's a season a day, and you only get to sleep for two hours every night. If anything actually calls for coffee in an IV, it's that plan.

Maybe now it's time to skip larger chucks, the seasons or the boyfriends you don't like when constructing your marathon. For example, avoid that whole period in Season 6 between "New and Improved Lorelai" and "Welcome to the Doll House" where Rory and Lorelei aren't speaking. Look away from "Raincoats and Recipes" through "We Got Us a Pippi Virgin" if Rory and Dean's second relationship makes you question Rory as a role model. That's also the part of the series where Emily and Richard separated, and who wants that? Or, if you're the type of GG fan who likes to pretend April Nardini does not exist, turn Netflix off when you get to "The Prodigal Daughter Returns."

In Two Days (Starting Nov. 23)

OK, crunch time. If you are limiting your marathon to the Thanksgiving holiday, you won't be able to finish the entire series in time. Maybe hit the highlights and best episodes, like "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They," "Written In The Stars," and "A-Tisket, A-Tasket." Or, you could watch every season premiere and season finale – then any of your personal favorites along the way as you scroll through.

Still, the moral here is that there is plenty of time to order every kind of takeout available and watch Gilmore Girls before A Year In The Life drops on Netflix.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Giphy (3)