The 'Gilmore Girls' Picture Of Paris' Door Could Mean That She's Headmaster Of Chilton — PHOTO

It’s been a good couple of days for Gilmore Girls fans. With the official trailer for the revival series coming out on Tuesday and a picture of Paris Geller’s new office in the Gilmore Girls revival being posted on Wednesday, there's just too much Gilmore goodness in the world these days. The image is of a door with Paris Geller’s name on it, which stunned and excited fans who have been speculating for some time that Paris Geller would be working at Chilton. Could this picture possibly mean that Paris is not only working at Chilton but also that she’s the Headmaster?

All this Gilmore goodness might have something to do with the fact that four new 90-minute episodes are being released in a little less than a month on Netflix, much to the delight of fans everywhere. But, whatever the publicity reasons are behind all of these posts and premieres, I'm soaking in all of these amazing Gilmore Girls details as they come out. And, in the case of the most recent picture from the Gilmore Girls Instagram, something tells me that this image could be pointing to Paris’ destiny in these new episodes.

Looking at the picture, the doors look just like those found at Chilton all through Rory’s stint there. Plus, I have a lot of friends who are teachers at private schools that are a lot like Chilton, and not one of them has their name written on their own door. No, that sacred achievement is saved for people who work in the administration — namely the Deans and the Headmaster.

There are a lot of social media posts that have been leading me to believe that Paris is likely working at Chilton. Like the photo that one fan posted of Liza Weil and Alexis Bledel posing outside of what looks to be Chilton with the former Headmaster himself, Dakin Matthews. Weil also posted a photo that had fans scurrying to make sense of it. The shot was from above, of what looked to be the hallowed halls of Chilton with a student in full private school regalia.

But wait, there’s more. A fan touring the Gilmore Girls set also posted a number of pictures of a set that looked very much like Chilton, including one shot of what appears to be Lauren Graham biking by. And then there was the picture of the Chilton uniform that Emily Bergl posted to Twitter right around the time that she confirmed on Twitter that she would be returning to the revival.

Um, hi. That’s plenty for me. Throw this latest post from the official Gilmore Girls team on the pile, and I’d say you have some pretty convincing evidence that not only does Chilton feature prominently in the revival, but that it’s because Paris Geller is running the show.

Image: Warner Bros. Television