11 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Tutorials You Can Whip Up At Home — VIDEOS

Every year Halloween not only includes a fun night of dressing up in whatever you want to be for the night, but also the pressure that comes with finding a cool and trendy costume that will be different than everyone else's. Sometimes it can be hard to find a group of adult friends who actually enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but if you have found that group, you definitely won't want to miss out on a good costume party — even if it includes finding a last-minute Halloween costume.

If you're pressed for time this year, luckily you have literally millions of YouTube tutorials at your fingertips to help you find an easy costume to make at home with items you can just pull out of your closet (warning: some sewing and DIYing might be included in some of the tutorials). Even if you have just a day before your party or before Halloween and have time to stop by a craft or fabric store, normally you can get all the materials for a DIY costume in one stop for half of the price it would be to buy one at a Halloween store.

Whether you decide to be 2016 pop culture costume, an emoji, or the typical sexy cat, here are some of the best Halloween costume tutorials that even include makeup and hair how-tos:

1. Sexy Cat

If you decided last minute to finally go to your friend's costume party, use one of the best costumes in the last-minute arsenal — the sexy cat. This tutorial gives a cat hair and makeup look, and all you need to do is add ears and wear all black.

2. Mermaid

Get the entire mermaid look with this costume, hair, and makeup tutorial that uses a piece of shiny fabric for the mermaid tail.

3. Emojis

Use clothes you already have at home to transform your look into one of the fun, sassy girl emojis, a box of popcorn, or the pineapple emoji.

4. Rosie The Riveter

Grab a jean shirt and a red bandana, and your Rosie costume is basically complete!

5. Queen Bee

If you stop by any Halloween store, all you need is a Beyonce-like wig, a crown, and a bee wings for this costume you can pair with a leather jacket and a tutu that can definitely be optional!

6. DIY Loofa

Stop by the fabric store on your way home to get about 16 yards of tulle to wrap yourself up like a loofa.

7. DIY Sia

If you're good with sewing, you can easily sew one half of a blonde wig to another half of a black wig and pair with all black to get Sia's infamous look.

8. DIY Vampire

All you need to be a vampire is a set of fangs and this easy yet awesome makeup tutorial to get the vampy look you want.

9. Scream Queens' Chanel

If you have a lot of pink in your closet, you're halfway there to being one of the Chanels from Scream Queens .

10. Black Swan Makeup

If you have a black corset, pair it with a black tutu and this dramatic makeup for the ultimate black swan look.

11. 30 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

And for the grand finale, here is one of the best tutorials that includes 30 ideas like Kanye West, a ninja, and an M&M that you can definitely pull off with just a few items from your closet.

Images: lauradiy/Instagram