Punny Halloween Couples Costumes For 2016

Romeo and Juliet, Snow White and Prince Charming, Luke and Leia — every October, you see the same old couples costumes everywhere. It's to the point where you may be asking yourself: is there something better out there? In short, the answer is yes, and they come in the form of punny Halloween costumes that will have both you and your partner giggling all night long.

While there are plenty of famous couples, literary lovers, and Hollywood romances you and your partner could dress as for Halloween, the coolest couples costumes are the ones that are original, clever, and come up with together. Pun costumes, for instance, aren't only fun and unique, they're also a great way to show off the silly side of your relationship. Easily customizable to be anything that interests you and your significant other — literary puns, pop culture references, internet slang, sports, you name it — pun costumes are an amusing way to get crafty and creative with your beau. Not to mention, they can be thrown together last minute, so if you and your S.O. aren't the planning type, these costumes can save your holiday.

Whether you want to show off your pop culture knowledge, honor your nerdy side, or just get a few laughs, these 14 punny Halloween couples costumes for 2016 will be something you and your partner will both love.

1. Pumpkin Pi

'Tis the season for pumpkins (and puns) — celebrate with this amazing (and seasonal!) couples costume.

Orange T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Green Leggings, $9, Amazon | Green Tutu, $14, Amazon | Black Tape, $3, Amazon | Green Costume Makeup, $10, Amazon | Fabric Paint, $3, Amazon

This costume has two parts: the pumpkin and the pi. To turn yourself into a pumpkin, you'll need an orange top, either a t-shirt or a dress, and green bottoms, either tights, leggings, or pants. Add flare with a tutu, a Jack-o-lantern face made with black tape or a fabric marker, and leafy designs done in costume makeup on your face and arms. To be the "pi" half of the costume, simply DIY a pi symbol or the number pi onto a t-shirt with fabric paint and, just like that, your contest-worthy costume is complete.

2. Holey Cow

A simple DIY costume that can be pulled together in no time, it's the perfect last-minute costume.

Ripped Top, $6, Amazon | Ripped Jeans, $26, Amazon | Costume Cow Ears, $9, Amazon | Cow Costume, $35, Amazon

Grab your scissors, because you're going to need them for this outfit. To make the "holey" half of the costume, simply cut holes in a t-shirt or buy a ripped top and pair it with ripped jeans. To make the cow part of the costume, wear cow-spotted clothes like this sweater and add costume cow ears. If you want to go all-out, get an entire cow costume, complete with udders and all.

3. Taco Belle

If you're hoping your partner proposes with hot sauce, this is the couple's costume for you.

Taco Printed Tee, $35, Etsy | White Gloves, $4, Amazon | Yellow Gown, $29, Amazon | White Collar Shirt, $24, Amazon | White Apron, $5, Amazon

This one is easy: one person dresses like a taco, whether it be in a full-blown costume or in a printed tee, while the other dresses like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, right down to her yellow gown and white gloves. If you'd rather DIY the princess half of the costume, look for a white collared shirt, a blue dress, and a white apron to recreate Belle's other iconic look.

4. Watch Dogs

Another animal based pun that's as simple as finding the right animal ears.

Dog Costume, $11, Amazon | Brown Crewneck Sweatshirt, $12, Amazon | Large Clock, $19, Amazon

To pull this costume off, you and your partner will need costume dog ears and tail, brown crewneck sweatshirts, brown pants, and large clocks — tied with ribbon or rope — hanging from around your necks. Wear as many watches as you can find, and your costume will be ready just in time for Halloween.

5. Copy Cat

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Identical Black Crewneck Sweater, $16, Amazon | Sweatpants, $8, Amazon | Black Cat Set, $5, Amazon

Another costume that will require you and your partner to wear exactly the same thing, this costume is both fun and easy to pull off. Dress in identical black crewnecks, sweatpants, and cat costume accessories including ears and a tail. Your matching outfits will only leave people with one question: who copied who?

6. Iron Man

Together, you and your partner can be one of the coolest superheroes the Avengers have ever seen.

T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Baseball Cap, $8, Amazon | Chemical Elements T-Shirt, $10, Amazon

For the man half of the costume, dress like a stereotypical dude: jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. The iron half only requires one nerdy item: a t-shirt with the chemical element symbol for iron on it, which you can buy or make yourself.

7. Star Bucks

Are you and your partner both addicted to coffee? Then this caffeine-inspired costume is just what you're looking for.

Dollar Bill T-Shirt, $13, Amazon

The first half of this costume is all about the Benjamins. Look for dollar bill leggings and shirts, as well as money themed jewelry. For the star half, you'll want the same basic items, but with star patterns. Look for star print dresses or tights for an outfit alternative.

8. Spelling Bees

Are you and your honey just a couple of nerds at heart? This costume was made for you.

Bumble Bee Wings, $13, Amazon | Striped Tights, $10, Amazon | Bumble Bee Costume Costume, $22, Amazon | Bubble Sticky Notes, $5, Amazon

You can either make your own bee costume with black and yellow striped pants or tights, a black t-shirt or dress, and wings, or buy a premade costume online. To go from a regular bumble to a spelling bee, add speech bubble sticky notes with spelling bee words written on them all over your costume.

9. The Old Man And The "C"

For the literary lovers of the world, this punny book title makes for the perfect Halloween costume.

Costume Makeup, $21, Amazon

Break out the costume makeup because you or your partner will need it to turn into an old man. After applying the right makeup, add a sweater, slippers, or other stereotypical older man clothing. For the other half of the title, simply DIY a t-shirt with a large letter "C" on it. Yes, costumes really can be that easy

10. Gold Digger

Get the glitter ready, because for this Kanye-inspired costume, you're going to need plenty of it.

Gold Sequin Dress, $27, Amazon | Gold Glitter Shirt, $22, Amazon | Gold Leggings, $8, Amazon | Facial Glitter, $8, Amazon | Gold Nail Polish, $10, Amazon | Suspenders, $9, Amazon | Work Helmet, $9, Amazon | Garden Spade, 7, Amazon

To get the gold look, get a gold sequin dress or gold shirt and leggings, and layer on plenty of gold makeup, including facial glitter, eyeshadow, and nail polish. Accessorize with plenty of gold jewelry, your own or of the costume variety. To achieve the digger half of the costume, you'll need a flannel work shirt, jeans, suspenders, and a work helmet. Add a small garden spade and you've got yourself a punny costume.

11. Meat And Greet

A food-related pun any carnivorous couple can appreciate, this spin on a common say will have everyone at the Halloween party laughing.

Bacon Costume, $20, Amazon | Steak Costume, $24, Amazon | Meat Buttons, $3, Etsy | "Hello, My Name is" Tag, $6, Amazon

For this costume, you're going to need either a bacon costume, a steak costume, or a DIY shirt with meat-themed embellishments like pins on it. The other requirements is your normal street clothes and a large "Hello, My Name Is" tag. Giant "GREETINGS" sign is optional, but encouraged.

12. Time Flies

This saying will surely come true when you have so much fun rocking this costume.

Large Clock Necklace, $7, Amazon | Pair of Wings, $25, Amazon

Easy to throw together with a few key items, this pun will require a large clock necklace worn Flava Flav style and a pair of wings. In just two simple steps, you have a contest contending couple's costume.

13. Tie Died

Go for a punny angle on this '60s fashion trend.

Neck Tie, $25, Amazon | Fake Blood, $9, Amazon

To get this costume right, you're going to need several neck ties, with the letters RIP written on them in fabric paint. If you don't want to ruin the tie, spell it out in tape. You'll also need some fake blood, ghostly makeup, and a lot of creativity to get the look you want. This is just the kind of costume you can have fun with it and make your own.

Images: alexkich/Shutterstock; Giphy (13); Polyvore (15)