Is The Urban Decay Naked Nail Color Collection Limited Edition? You Won't Want To Miss Out

Attention beauty junkies! You can now experience UD's cult-favorite Naked palettes in a whole new way. That's right, the makeup brand is extending their talent for creating impeccable colors and stunning formulations into the world of nail polish, and you're totally going to want it at all. But is this a permanent addition to the label, or is the Urban Decay Naked Nail Color collection limited edition? Trust me, you'll want to get on this while you can.

The Naked Nail Color line has perfectly translated the rich pigments and complex textures of their eyeshadow counterparts into polish. Consisting of eight stunning shades, the collection closely mimics the color theme of all the Naked palettes combined, with a mix of soft pastels, warm neutrals, and even glitzy glitter. Standout hues include "Lethal" a pungent plum, "Instinct," a rose with cool undertones, "Extra Bitter," a cross between burnt orange and brown, and "YDK," an ultra glam gold with loads of shimmer.

If you want to get your hands on a piece of this lacquer action, you'll have to act fast. According to the brand's site, the Naked Nail Color collection is very limited-edition, which means that once it sells out, it's gone for good.

Let's check out all the gorgeous shades, shall we?

1. Commando

NAKED Nail Color in Commando, $10,

Is this the perfect nude or what?!

2. Extra Bitter

NAKED Nail Color in Extra Bitter, $10,

I never thought I'd be into brown nail polish, but I'm totally digging this shade.

3. Magnet

NAKED Nail Color in Magnet, $10,

Ash gray is totally the new black.

4. Instinct

NAKED Nail Color in Instinct, $10,

This soft lilac isn't just for the spring, it's versatile enough to work all year-round.

5. YDK

NAKED Nail Color in YDK, $10,

This wouldn't be an Urban Decay collection without some radiant glitter.

6. Tease

NAKED Nail Color in Tease, $10,

A darker, deeper version of the classic nude, this taupe goes with pretty much every ensemble you've got.

7. Lethal

NAKED Nail Color in Lethal, $10,

This shade practically screams fall.

8. Walk of Shame

NAKED Nail Color in Walk of Shame, $10,

If you're looking for a more subdued neutral, you'll love this sandy-colored shade.

Images: Urban Decay (9)