Easy Last Minute 2016 TV Halloween Costume Ideas, So You Can Channel Your Favorite Shows

I'm going to let you in on a little secret right here — sometimes the best Halloween costumes are the ones you throw together at the last minute with minimal expenses or effort. So if you happen to be suffering through a last-minute Halloween costume ideas meltdown, then have yourself a seat and take a deep breath, because I've totally got your back. Honestly, 2016 has been a great year for television, and as such, certain characters from the most popular shows also make for easy last-minute TV Halloween costume inspiration. The general vibes and ensembles for all of these characters work so well because they're both incredibly simple, but also already deeply iconic.

In fact, many of these costumes are so easy that you probably won't even have to buy more than one extra element (if you have to buy any at all) to pull them together. The most work that any of them need is a little additional styling here and there, the occasional DIY flourish, or heaps of personality in order to bring them to life. Here's a round-up of incredibly simple last-minute Halloween costumes based on some of the best TV characters of 2016.

1. Negan (The Walking Dead)

The Essentials: A leather biker jacket, a baseball bat, smears of fake blood (or ketchup)

Perfect For: Anyone whose closet revolves around biker jackets

Whether you have long or short hair, simply make sure to slick it right back into place with some basic drugstore hair gel. Negan's iconic motorcycle jacket makes this look, so if you don't own one yourself or can't borrow one from someone else, then it's probably not worth bothering.

The look is, of course, completed by a brutally, blood smeared Lucille — aka Negan's baseball bat. Though you should be able to pick one up from a local sports or even toy store, this fun inflatable version from U.S. Toy (via Amazon Prime, $7.99) will work just fine:

To look truly murderous, be sure to smear some fake blood (or ketchup) all over the bottom of it and gleefully play "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" with all of your friends.

2. Joyce (Stranger Things)

The Essentials: Some casual basics, an old corded phone, and christmas lights

Perfect For: Wild-eyed brunettes

The most important part of this costume is having Joyce's phone and Christmas lights (which don't have to be turned on) hanging off of you — I mean, how else are you supposed to communicate with Will? For safety, most lights also allow you to remove the plug, making them less cumbersome (and hazardous) to have draped all over you at a party.

Should you not have a dusty old, corded phone lying around that you can use, then you can always buy a retro handset for your cellphone to do the job. This one from Ablest (via Amazon Prime, $14.69) comes in various colors and also makes your costume a practical one.

So long as you have a long-sleeved top of some variety and comfortable jeans to wear (and you can commit to yelling "Will?!" all around your neighborhood), then you'll have the basics in place to totally nail this look.

3. Louise Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

The Essentials: A green dress, black pumps, and that iconic pink bunny hat

Perfect For: Anyone happy to invest in (and continue wearing) a pink bunny hat

In all likelihood, you may be able to procure a green dress (or even an oversized green T-shirt from the men's section could work, depending on your size), but if not, then this one from Lanmo (via Amazon Prime for $15.99) will be perfect.

For the hat, this one from Ripple Junction (via Amazon Prime, $22.99) is absolutely spot on and will also keep you cozy during a chilly Halloween night.

Pair with some ballet flats or sneakers, and you are totally ready to bring some Louise Belcher style mischief to wherever you're headed.

4. A.D. (Pretty Little Liars)

The Essentials: A lot of black clothes. But specifically, some gloves, a hoodie and some kind of a face mask.

Perfect For: Anyone who believes that black is the only color a wardrobe needs

A black hoodie and pair of gloves are both pretty standard items that you likely already own, or can pick up fairly affordably from most clothing stores. To really bring that elusive "you'll never guess who I am" charm to your costume, though, it's worth adding a black ski mask like this one from Ecocleaning (via Amazon Prime for $5.90).

Finish the look with some black jeans and boots, and be sure to leer around the party while stealthily texting people from darkened corners of the room.

5. Cookie Lyon (Empire)

The Essentials: Some outstandingly fabulous clothes, a little faux fur and lots of statement jewelry

Perfect For: Anyone already in possession of a closet full of fabulousness, just waiting to be worn all at once

Let's cut to the chase here: In order to really bring Cookie Lyon to the party, you'll need to perfectly style your hair, be unafraid to speak your mind, and act like an absolute boss. Wear the boldest dress you own paired with some faux fur and fierce heels. If you're not in possession of any faux fur, then pick up a cheap shrug like this one from Dikoaina (via Amazon Prime, $18.99).

Throw on some big earrings to complete the look and rule that party, honey.

6. Luke Cage (Luke Cage)

The Essentials: An old hooded jacket

Perfect For: Anyone with a distinct lack of time left and an old hoodie that they don't mind destroying

This one couldn't be easier. All that you need is a hoodie (one that has definitely seen better days) and a pair of scissors to cut a scurry of bullet holes into it. Now pair that hoodie with a simple pair of jeans, pull your hood up, and strut confidently into that Halloween party while the DJ (hopefully) plays Cage's anthem, "Bring Da Ruckus" by Wu Tang Clan.

7. Jesse Custer (Preacher)

The Essentials: A black shirt and jacket, black jeans, a Bible, and a permanent cigarette hanging out of your mouth (don't worry, it can be fake)

Perfect For: Renegades with a closet full of badass, black clothes

Supremely simple, this look depends primarily on nailing that badass all-black aesthetic with a slightly smart edge. In order to give the collar of your black shirt the definitive Preacher look that it needs, be sure to fix some white fabric or an actual white tie around it (with the knot hidden at the back of the shirt).

To really nail Jesse's unkempt, slightly rogue appeal, however, you definitely need to add a cigarette to the look. These fake ones from Forum Novelties (via Amazon Prime, $4.03) will look the part (and spare your body the side effects of smoking).

If you have short hair, then be sure to style it into a messy Jesse style, and if you have long hair, simply tie your hair into a disheveled and messy bun instead. Now hold on tight to your Bible and be prepared to fight the forces of both heaven and hell.

See? I told you these were easy. Now go throw together your costume and slay that Halloween party. You're going to look awesome.

Images: Netflix (2); Netflix/Marvel; 20th Television (2); AMC; Sony Pictures Television; Freeform; Amazon (7)