24 Last-Minute Halloween Onesies That Are Perfect For The Ultimate Lazy Girl

Calling all my lazy girls! Halloween is officially just days away and we still don't have costumes. Not that this is a new trend or anything, but if you still want to dress up, Halloween onesies are perfect last-minute costumes. I mean, all you have to do is hop in and zip it up. Done. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. Of course, if you felt like doing a little something extra, you could always add some Halloween makeup or accessories. Vampire panda, anyone?

But besides the fact that onesies as costumes require little to no effort, they're also perfect for Halloween for a couple of other reasons. For one, if you decide to go out, you won't have to worry about being cold. Your onesie will keep you cozy. If staying in and binging horror movies is more your scene though, your costume needs no adjustments for a cuddle session on your couch. And either way you go, you can even hop in bed without having to change at the end of the night. That's a win-win if I ever heard one. So if you're into the idea of putting in basically zero effort and still having the perfect costume this Halloween, here are 24 onesies you'll definitely want to try:

1. Kangaroo

Xhilaration Kangaroo Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

OK how cute is that little joey?? Plus, pockets!

2. Cookie Monster

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Union Suit, $20, Target

Forget Halloween, this onesie looks snuggly enough to live in.

3. Panda

Hooded Panda PJ Jumpsuit, $28, Forever 21

For your classic, animal onesie.

4. Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. Harley Quinn Hooded Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

The coziest possible version of Harley to be this Halloween.

5. Minion

Briefly Stated Minion Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

Banana not included.

6. Cat

Xhilaration Cat Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Complete with the most adorable paws ever.

7. Minnie Mouse

Briefly Stated Minnie Mouse Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

The chicest mouse around.

8. Elephant

Xhilaration Elephant Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Those ears are everything.

9. Angel Unicorn

Angel Unicorn Jumpsuit, $28, Forever 21

Does it really get better than a unicorn with wings?

10. Little Mermaid

Briefly Stated The Little Mermaid Ariel Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

Forget the wig, seashell bra, and mermaid tail. You can transform into Ariel with just one, easy zip.

11. Lion

Xhilaration Lion Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Yes, this lion onesie has an adorable tail, too.

12. Cactus

Xhilaration Cactus Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Why did I never think to be a cactus for Halloween before??

13. Dory

Briefly Stated Finding Dory Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

You'll want to just keep sleeping, sleeping, sleeping in this super snuggly onesie.

14. Polar Bear

Polar Bear Hooded Microfleece One-Piece Pajamas, $45, Kohl's

So simple, yet still so cute.

15. Sloth

Xhilaration Sloth Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

A onesie to reflect how you feel inside.

16. Ninja Turtle

Briefly Stated Ninja Turtle Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

Both the cutest and easiest way to be Mikey on Halloween.

17. Lamb

Xhilaration Lamb Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

This lamb onesie has killer lashes and the cutest button tail.

18. Care Bear

Briefly Stated Fuzzy Care Bear Hooded Jumpsuit, $30, Macy's

Even as Grumpy Bear, you won't be grouchy in this cozy onesie.

19. Sulley

Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc. Sulley Hooded Microfleece One-Piece Pajamas, $45, Kohl's

The best type of monster to be for Halloween.

20. Pig

Xhilaration Pig Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Be a pig that can fly with this pink onesie that has wings.

21. Frog

Xhilaration Frog Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

Frog princess, here I come.

22. Big Bird

Sesame Street Big Bird Hooded Sherpa One-Piece Pajamas, $45, Kohl's

Just throw on a yellow boa for the finishing touch.

23. Giraffe

Xhilaration Giraffe Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

What with the mane, tail, and pockets, you'll be the cutest and warmest giraffe in this onesie.

24. Eeyore

Disney Eeyore Hooded Union Suit Pajamas, $20, Target

The cutest floppy ears on the softest pajamas make for a snuggly Halloween.

Because it doesn't get any easier than a one-step costume.

Images: Courtesy of Brands