12 'Doctor Strange' Spoilers For Marvel Fans Who Just Can't Wait

When most people think of Marvel heroes, they think of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc. — chances are that Doctor Strange isn't the first person who comes to mind. Yet on Nov. 4, the superhero is coming to the big screen for the very first time, portrayed by everyone's favorite star, Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie is an exciting, unique entry into the Marvel canon, and fans should rush to the theaters in order to snag tickets. But if you're too eager to wait until opening day to find out all the Doctor Strange spoilers that abound? Don't worry — I've got you covered.

That said, be warned that if you read on, you're choosing to learn all there is to know about the new movie, and thus how it plays into the Avengers film series and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feel good about being totally, completely spoiled? Then OK, you're allowed to read on — but be a nice person and don't ruin Doctor Strange for all your friends who are choosing to wait until they arrive at the theater in order to have the secretive world of the mystical sorcerer revealed.

1. Doctor Strange Is An Arrogant, Brilliant Neurosurgeon


With a personality not dissimilar to Tony Stark's, Doctor Stephen Strange is a highly respected surgeon whose life is shattered when he severely injures his hands in a car accident. He spends tons of money and undergoes several surgeries in the hopes of getting them fixed, but nothing works, and he falls into a depression.

2. Pangborn Introduces Him To Kamar-Taj


Desperate for any cure, Strange encounters Jonathan Pangborn, a once-paralyzed man who tells the doctor how a visit to a place called Kamar-Taj led to him being able to walk again. Doubtful but without any other options, Strange heads to Nepal, where he meets a woman called The Ancient One and her disciples, who are called Masters.

3. The Ancient One Teaches Strange About The Mystical World


Although at first, Strange doesn't believe that the Ancient One's statements about multiple dimensions and healing oneself from within are legitimate, he quickly changes his mind once the sorceress gives him a taste of what her magic can do (and explains that it's used to defend Earth from dark dimensions). Strange begs the Ancient One to teach him, but she casts him out, believing that his arrogance will only lead to trouble. Soon, however, he's let back in, and begins to train under her watch.

4. Strange Learns About Kaecilius' Evil Ways


After diving a bit too far into dark magic, Strange learns that Kaecilius, a former student of the Ancient One's, stole pages from a magical book that allow him to derive power from the dark dimension. Kaecilius wants to let the dark dimension take over the universe, as it will give him immortality. He and his followers attack The Ancient One's library, leading Strange and the Masters into a fight in New York, at one of the three sanctums worldwide that The Ancient One's Masters protect.

5. The Cloak Of Levitation Saves The Day


While Strange is battling Kaecilius, he's saved by the Cloak of Levitation, which both allows him to float and is able to be used as a weapon. Strange manages to hurt Kaecilius and his followers, but not before getting badly injured by a stab wound himself.

6. Strange & Christine Palmer Reunite


In need of medical help, Strange teleports to the hospital where his ex, Christine, works as a nurse. The two haven't talked since Strange went off to Nepal, but Christine does what she can to help him — all while Strange's astral self fights the astral self of one of Kaecilius' minions. Strange defeats the villain, and, thanks to Christine, becomes strong enough to leave the hospital.

7. Mordo & Strange Fight Kaecilius In The Mirror Dimension


After leaving the hospital, Strange goes back to New York to help Mordo, one of the Masters, fight Kaecilius in what's called the mirror dimension. The Ancient One joins, but is gravely injured. Although Strange brings her to the hospital, her astral self reveals to his astral self that she is OK with dying after a life of immortality, and so she passes away. Beforehand, she also reveals to Strange that, like he has suspected, she does draw power from the dark dimension, but is not quite the evil figure some might think she is for doing so.

8. Strange Uses The Eye Of Agamotto To Defeat The Enemy & Restore The Sanctum


In Hong Kong, Strange and Mordo learn that Kaecilius has destroyed the city's sanctum and is close to bringing on the dark dimension, but not all is lost. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to reverse time, thus reversing the city from its destruction. He then goes into the dark dimension to confront its leader, Dormammu.

9. Strange Dies A Lot, But Annoys Dormammu Enough To Win


Basically, Strange's master plan for victory involves him getting killed by Dormammu a lot, but reviving himself thanks to an infinite time loop that he's used the Eye — which he learns is an infinity stone — to create. Eventually, Strange's constant re-appearance — which means that he and Dormammu are stuck in the same moment forever — annoys the dark dimension leader enough that he agrees to make a bargain. The terms are that Dormammu will leave Earth and take Kaecilius and his followers with him, in exchange for the loop ending. And when Strange returns from the loop, Kaecilius and his crew do indeed get taken into the dark dimension.

10. Strange Becomes The Sorcerer Supreme


With The Ancient One now sadly out of the picture, Strange becomes the lead sorcerer. Mordo, meanwhile, leaves, apparently not OK with how the Ancient One was drawing power from the dark dimension.

11. Strange Meets Thor


The first post-credits scene sees Strange meeting with Thor and asking the Avenger why he'd bring his brother Loki to earth, knowing how much of a threat he is. Thor explains that it was to find their father, Odin, and so Strange offers to help Thor in the search.

12. Mordo Goes Evil


In the second post-credits scene, Mordo visits Pangborn and takes away the man's magic, leaving him paralyzed because, in his mind, "there are too many sorcerers." Uh oh.

Like every Marvel movie before it, Doctor Strange is filled with plenty of twists and turns, and it makes for one truly fun ride.

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