Is Frank Dead On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? The Hitman May Have Escaped With His Life

After a, shall we say, rather unsteady second season, How To Get Away With Murder is back to its normal crazy (in a good way) self. The show opened Season 3 by telling the audience that one of the Keating Five (or Annalise’s other associates) would find themselves six feet under, and each week, the “person who could be dead” list has grown shorter and shorter. Recently, fans found out that the body in Annalise’s burning house is a man. But Is Frank dead on How To Get Away With Murder , or is the victim someone else?

It's definitely possible that Frank is under that sheet, but I doubt that it's the case. America’s favorite TV hit man has been on the lam for most of Season 3, given that Annalise found out that he was responsible for her unborn baby’s death about a decade ago. It wasn’t entirely his fault, but she needed someone to blame, so Frank fled Philadelphia and Annalise put out a hit on her hit man. Convoluted, I know. Frank is sorry for what he’s done and still loyal to the rest of the team — he even went to a prison in rural Pennsylvania to kill Bonnie’s child molester dad for her. What’s better is that when Bonnie learned what Frank did, she told Laurel not to tell anyone, because she knew that it was a gift from Frank. Frank is now the one who needs protecting, and it seems to me that everyone but Annalise (since, you know, she hates him now) is happy to oblige.


This all leads me to my belief that my sweet, bearded prince is alive, and he will remain so for the rest of the season. Frankly (pun intended), it doesn’t make sense to kill Frank off. Here’s why I think he’ll live to see another day.

Bonnie’s New Loyalty


Before she tried to have him killed, Frank was one of Annalise’s most trusted associates. Bonnie, too. Post-attempted murder, Bonnie and Frank are clearly on one team (they even fantasized about running away together). Their alliances have shifted from Annalise to each other, and I think when the rest of the Keating Five find out about all of the stuff Annalise has done to save herself, they’ll opt to abandon her, too. What will that do to the show? I’d love to find out, but if Frank dies, that won't happen.

Laurel’s Having A Baby


Laurel was pulled out of Annalise’s house and brought to the hospital in rough shape in the middle of the season, and a big bomb was dropped — Laurel is pregnant. Later, Bonnie was on the phone with someone saying, “I didn’t know either.” in reference to the pregnancy. What does it all mean? Laurel and Frank were one of How To Get Away With Murder’s OTPs, and I am going to assume that Frank is the father. Please don’t kill Laurel’s baby daddy, ABC. Please.

Wes Is So Boring


Why kill Frank when you can kill off someone else, i.e. Wes? I mean it. Wes is probably the most boring character on How To Get Away With Murder, and we haven’t seen much of him at all "after the “my dad got shot in front of me” storyline in Season 2. Frank > Wes, always. Also, I suspect that Annalise loves Wes as a son, so if he died in her house and she had something to do with it, she would never forgive herself. Hello, good television, and hello, another Emmy for Viola Davis.

Bottom line: Frank can’t die on How To Get Away With Murder. My adorable assassin will live to see another season.

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