The 'Good Girls Revolt' Cast Is Rife With Talented Women

If you liked Mad Men for the style, the music, and all around '60s atmosphere but you thought it could do with a little more female empowerment, then you should seriously check out Good Girls Revolt. Amazon's new series hits Oct. 28 and is a dramatized version of a very true story. It's based on Lynn Povich's 2012 memoir by the same name and follows three female magazine researchers in 1969 as they battle sexism in the workplace. A plot like that requires a badass group of women to lead the show and the cast of Good Girls Revolt are perfect for the job.

While the series' News of the Week is a fictional magazine, the tale behind the show is all too real. Dozens of women filed a lawsuit against Newsweek in 1970 in response to the company's non-compliance with equal employment opportunity laws. Bustle reached out to Newsweek for comment on the original lawsuit and the show portraying it now, but has not yet heard back. The lawsuit resulted in a settlement in which Newsweek agreed to provide equal employment opportunities to women.

On the show, the women of News of the Week are basically doing all of the work of reporters but are not getting their names on the final product. Instead, their male counterparts are getting the credit and the glory. But, when it comes to who plays these talented stars, these actors deserve all the glory themselves.

Genevieve Angelson As Patti Robinson

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's is a fairly new name, but be sure you remember her because she is likely going to have her pick of roles after appearing as one of the leads in the series. This is basically Angelson's big break, and her character is described as "a tenacious pot-smoking flower child" by The Hollywood Reporter.

Anna Camp As Jane Hollander


You probably recognize Camp for her iconic role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, and she is honestly a (pitch) perfect choice to play the very conservative, somewhat uptight Jane in Good Girls Revolt. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Camp said that Donald Trump and his horrifying attitude towards women make their show extremely relevant today. Her character makes a drastic change throughout the series, beginning as an aspiring housewife and ending up appreciating her own self worth and, eventually, her career.

Erin Darke As Cindy Reston

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Darke is known best for her roles in 2014's Love & Mercy and 2016's Don't Think Twice. She happens to also be dating Daniel Radcliffe and told People that filming Good Girls Revolt really made her appreciate being in a relationship that was based on love and respect. After all, her character Cindy is unfortunately in a marriage that doesn't make her happy and on a path that she isn't exactly psyched about.

Hunter Parrish As Douglas Rhodes

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Parrish may be a familiar face. He has shown up in Weeds, Still Alice, It's Complicated, and 17 Again. His character, Doug, is a complicated guy. He plays the love interest to Patti and Hunter explained to Bustle that "he wants to support [Patti] for her ambition and support her, but spent 28 years with a traditional mindset."

Chris Diamantopoulos As Evan Phinnaeus "Finn" Woodhouse

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The actor is best known for his voice-over work in the Mickey Mouse television series and has also appeared in Silicon Valley. He plays the magazine editor at News of the Week.

Joy Bryant As Eleanor Holmes Norton


Bryant has been in quite a lot of films and television series over the years. She has appeared in Bobby, Parenthood, The Skeleton Key, and Spiderman 2. Bryant plays the very real person Eleanor who was an attorney with the ACLU in 1970. She helps the main three women in their battle against sexism at the magazine.

Grace Gummer As Nora Ephron

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Gummer is the daughter of Queen Meryl Streep. Yes. So, she is already overflowing with awesome just by her genetic code alone. Lately she has been killing on the hit show Mr. Robot and is now going to be taking on the role of Nora Ephron in Good Girls Revolt. Ephron went on in real life to become a best-selling novelist, screenwriter, movie producer and director.

The series promises to be absolutely amazing. With this cast, how can you go wrong?

Image: Amazon Studios