Are Taylor Swift & Drake Even Friends?

If you haven't heard or have just been trying to avoid celebrity romance rumors, there have been reports that Taylor Swift and Drake were flirty at his recent 30th birthday party. Of course, these are just rumors, but ever since T. Swift showed up at the rapper's party many have been wondering if they could become the next celeb power couple. However, there are more important things to discuss than questionable reports. Rather than focusing on whether or not the two musicians are getting all romantic, there's another, more reasonable question people should be asking: Are Taylor Swift and Drake even friends?

If you ask TMZ, yes they are. On Wednesday after shutting down dating rumors, the outlet reported that Swift and Drake have been friends for years. The two are reportedly "close, but only friends" and there's supposed proof in photos from the 2013 MTV VMAs. According to an August 2013 Entertainment Weekly VMAs post, Swift "got up and walked over to say hello to Drake, who gave her a hug" during a commercial break.

Then, there was that time Swift made a Drake needlepoint for her BFF Ed Sheeran, which featured the lyric "Started from the bottom now we here." Yes, this seriously happened. In June 2014, Swift's handiwork was revealed by Sheeran himself during the MTV documentary Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran. Swift reacted to her needlepoint making headlines by tweeting, "But I thought everyone does this?" Sheeran responded, "nah, just you." I don't know. I bet other big Drake fans also needlepoint his lyrics for their besties.

Let's also not forget when the 1989 artist's commercial for Apple Music was released in April. You know, the one where she is running on the treadmill and rapping to Drake and Future's "Jumpman," before tripping and falling?

Yeah, Swift and Drake have all kinds of a connections besides his birthday party, including that time Kanye West called out T. Swift at one of Drake's performances in July. "All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat, because now y'all can know the truth and can't nobody talk sh*t about 'Ye no more," he said on stage about Kim Kardashian releasing those videos of West and Swift's phone call about his song "Famous" on Snapchat in July. (For her part, Swift responded with a statement on Instagram, claiming she wasn't asked about the part of the song where West calls her "that b*tch.")

It's unclear how Drake felt about West's comment, but clearly he and T. Swift are all good or I don't think he would've invited her to his birthday. The fact that the "Bad Blood" singer scored an invite and attended the party is also further proof that they get along and are most likely friends — or at least acquaintances.