18 Of The Best Vines To Watch, Because #RIP To This Awesome Platform

By now you might have heard the news that Vine is shutting down in a few months. While your first reaction might have been to get nostalgic and sad about it, nothing can take away what was already created. So rather than looking at this news with tears in our eyes, let's just be thankful for all the amazing content that has debuted on the platform and look forward to the future platforms that will allow us to continue to grow our creative digital skills.

Yes, let's just look back at all the Vines that made us pee our pants, cry our eyes out, and endlessly spam our friends. You won't forget those Vines that you thought were so amazing that you'd watch them on loop, over and over again and campaign for your friend's approval. And the good news is that even though the app is shutting down indefinitely, the content will remain available of us to watch forever — so seriously, it's nothing to get too dramatic over.

Let's just show Vine how thankful we are for the three wonderful years they've given us by watching and rewatching all our most favorite videos from the past. Here are some of the all-time best Vines to watch to honor the shut down:

The Angry Ducks

C'mon admit it, you've always wanted to try this.


Honestly, I still don't even know if this is real or not. I want to believe it is. I *need* to.


All of us though, every Saturday night.

You Think I'm Cute?

Um, yeah girl, we think you're really freaking cute.

I Don't Care If You Don't Like Me

I *love* me. Best part though is that she's drinking tea.

The Realest Micro Pig

This piglet is smaller than my Beanie Baby. I can't even.

When You're Feeling Yourself

And you just can't help but pose.

Y'all Go' Make Me

If this doesn't make you want to go party I don't know what.

Hotline Bling

There were so many of these amazing parodies of the music video. This is just one of the best ones.

Nice Going Ron!

As someone who has parents who take videos of the wildlife in the backyard on a regular basis, I relate to this hardcore.

You Tho

I dare you not to watch this dancing thimble for ten minutes, mesmerized.

When Your Emotions Sneak Up On You

And you can't hide from the truth!


Oh nothing, only the cutest little girl in the world.


It's the cutest widdle puppy wuppy there ever was!


Because this is probably how we all actually looked as teenagers when we thought we were so cool.


Because having someone watch you open their gift is hugely uncomfortable and involves a lot of acting.

Kids These Days

Are so flipping creative.

Starring Me, Too

#RealAF, #relatable, but also kinda like, #goals.

Vine, we sure are going to miss you and all the amazing, creative, outrageously bizarre creators that will continue to keep us ugly cry laughing at our screens. #RIP

Image: Pexels