Scheana Sang A ‘Pump Rules’ Classic At SUR

For the first time in what feels like a century, the resident crop top-wearing pop star of SUR treated an audience to a live performance. On Tuesday evening, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay both hosted and sang at a Halloween party at Lisa Vanderpump’s Sexy Unique Restaurant. At some point during Freixenet’s 1st Annual Black Magic Halloween bash, Scheana, who happened to be dressed like the lead singer of the Holograms, climbed onto the SUR bar and belted out "Good As Gold." If that sounds familiar, fellow Pump fan, it's with good reason: Scheana pretty much did the same exact thing at her and Mike Shay's Season 2 engagement party. Aw, memories. You can watch the Bravolebrity's mini concert here.

Scheana has said time and time again that she is through with recording music, but I hope standing atop the Sexy Unique Mirrored Bar in the Sexy Unique Lounge reignited her brief, albeit terrific pop career. I hope she thought, I miss this. I miss being a pop singer. This feels like home. I should do this again.

I don't know if a new Scheana tune will ever happen, but I do know that I will not give up. I love Scheana's music too much to give up; watching her perform at the SUR Halloween party filled my mind with dreams of a followup to her third and final single, "Shake That."

I never imagined I’d get all sorts of sentimental scrolling through photos of Scheana singing while wearing a Jem costume, but I guess that’s life for you. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the SUR bar eats you.