Can You Actually Buy Scheana's Music?

As far as songs that are performed entirely in sexy-baby-style sing-talky-voice go, Scheana Marie's songs in Vanderpump Rules could be WAY worse. Sure, she's no Bey, but some of her tunes are actually kinda catchy. I mean, "Good As Gold" is sorta fun, right?! If I ever wanted to indulge in the guilty pleasure of listening to her music, where can I find Scheana from Vanderpump Rules' music?

If you really feel like you can't function without these songs as part of your iTunes library, be happy to know that three of Scheana's singles are on iTunes. "Shake That," "Good As Gold," and "What I Like" are all available for purchase for $1.29, $0.99 and $0.99 respectively. Hey! There are worse ways to waste your money on iTunes. Looking at you, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Just for giggles, why don't we take a look at the customer reviews, shall we? One listener praised "What I Like" as "Not a masterpiece or anything. Just a fun song to listen to." Unfortunately, "Good As Gold" didn't get so much love. One customer's review was "No no no no no." As for her most recent single, "Shake That," one person simply called it "pretty good" while another customer raved "My friend Scheana did amazing on this song. Super proud of her!" Just in case you haven't listened turned to the internet to listen to the whole track, here it is, in all of its sexy-baby-sing-talky glory.

Now, if you're aching to listen this piece of spoken word poetry performed live, you may be in for a bit of a disappointment. It doesn't looks like Scheana has been performing lately, as far as I can tell. Full disclosure: I couldn't find a performance schedule after combing all of her social media outlets. Aw, BUTTERFINGERS!

However, she celebrated the release of her latest single back in November. So it's possible that she performed then, but I can't confirm that as a fact.

But given the fact that Scheana is Scheana, I'm sure that she'll get out on stage at some point in the foreseeable future. Who knows? Maybe she'll just pull a Bieber and show up at some random coffee house to perform a special unplugged set. Then again, Scheana performing an acoustic show would probably come off as the weirdest slam poetry reading ever.