Is Connor Dead On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? He May Have Been In The House

Oh boy, How To Get Away With Murder fans! Every week that goes by is a week closer to all of us knowing who is #UnderTheSheet, as ABC’s social media team is saying. The reveals on who is not dead keep on coming as Season 3 winds down, but you know whom we haven’t seen in the flash-forwards? Connor. Sweet, sweet Connor. Is Connor dead on How To Get Away With Murder ? Damn, I hope not.

Normally, I would say that Connor was safe because Oliver and Connor were always together, but these two former lovebirds just parted ways (sad!). Asher is safe, Oliver is safe, and the women of the Keating 5 are all safe, because a very serious television report on the show said that the body found in Annalise’s burning home was male. Oof. That being said, I really don’t believe the body is Connor — I think he’s just not answering his phone, and he’s actually safe and sound. Why? Because it makes no sense to kill Connor off! He’s not really a main player in Season 3’s storylines, and the only person who would be devastated if Connor died would be Oliver. They may not be together anymore, but they still love each other.


If say, Wes died, though, that would better warrant the very emotional reaction that Annalise has when she sees the dead body being brought out of her home. Would she be that upset if Connor was taken out in a body bag? I’m not sure. Wes is like her surrogate son — she protects him against all else — so she would probably feel some sort of guilt if he died. Connor, I think, is safe from the writing gods. He will make it through this incident unscathed and ready to help the rest of the Keating 5 pick up the pieces (again) from Annalise’s latest law-breaking endeavor.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy