LeAnn Rimes Laughs Off 'Star' Magazine's Inaccurate And Conflicting Reports

Do you go to Star magazine for your news? Do you trust it like you'd trust — oh, I don't know, a magazine that's not a tabloid? Leann Rimes laughed at Star's inaccurate coverage of her own tribulations — or lack thereof. Their conflicting reports alongside what appears to be a constant desire to cover Rimes's private life has prompted Rimes to joke, "I must sell a lot of Star magazines!"

While I prefer to think of Rimes in a time capsule that contains her contributions to the non-masterpiece that is Coyote Ugly, contemporary Rimes has gotten her fair share of attention for things not related to music. Her marriage to Eddie Cibrian and her financial state have been of great interest to the tabloids. The cover of Star's April 7 issue (the one that's cracking Rimes up) attempts to sway folks in line at pharmacies around the nation to buy copies of the magazine by stating the following in its signature bold yellow font: "Leann Rimes, Broke And Alone!"

A "friend" (HAHAHAHAHA, love that reporting) told Star that, "LeAnn recently told Eddie that she was scared he'd leave her if she couldn't keep bringing in so much money, and it turned into a nasty fight." Ooh! That sounds so not trustworthy. Another "source" said that she "feels like she's all alone." Out-of-context quotes are such GEMS; she could have easily been in her apartment alone reading a book (but probably not reading Star, no offense or anything to the tabloid).

In fact, a few months ago, the magazine "reported" (emphasis on the quotations) that her marriage was falling to shit, and that there would be a $50 million dollar divorce!

Rimes took to Twitter with an on-point split screen shot of the two covers:

She later tweeted her joking response:

While it doesn't take a wizard to elucidate the shadiness of tabloids, we often do read them for sheer entertainment pleasure. It's refreshing to see a star joke at the frivolity of the nature of such frothy coverage, rather than go up in arms at the media. However, it's also a fair reminder to us that we have no way of knowing what's actually going on in celebrities' private lives; we may think we know, but we very well may in fact, not have the slightest idea.