How To Watch Election Results In North Carolina In Real Time

While this year's race between presidential candidates has been one of the country's ugliest, it's not the only contentious contest to be found on ballots this Election Day. In North Carolina, for example, tight Senate and gubernatorial races could have a major impact on both the state and Congress. So, how can voters watch election results in North Carolina in real time? The truth is, you don't have to spend the night glued to your television to keep yourself informed.

No doubt about it, it's been a tight presidential race in North Carolina with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading Republican nominee Donald Trump by just three points in a Real Clear Politics polling average. Yet the presidential race isn't the only heated election playing out in North Carolina. In the state's Senate race, Democrat Deborah Ross leads Republican Sen. Richard Burr in all but one poll to come out of the state, leading to concerns among members of the GOP the state may help Democrats take control of the Senate. Gov. Pat McCroy, North Carolina's first Republican governor in nearly 20 years, is also locked in a tight re-election race with Democrat Roy Cooper leading by only 1 and a half points. There's a lot at stake this election for North Carolina, making it more important than ever to stay on top of election results.

Here's how to watch election results as they roll out in North Carolina:

Election Watch Parties

In an election year as unpredictable as this one, the only prediction I'll be making is that there will be winners and there will be losers. What better way to celebrate or, if things didn't go your way at the polls, nurse your disappointment than toasting the next four years with fellow voters at an election night watch party.

The Women's Initiative is hosting an election watch party at the LGBT Center of Raleigh for anyone interested in watching the results of national and local elections roll in in real time. An election results party hosted by North Carolina for Gary Johnson at Proof Five Points in Raleigh promises a cash bar to help Johnson supporters get through the night. North Carolina's Democratic Party will be monitoring election results from a watch party at the Raleigh Marriot City Center while the Chatham County Democratic Party is inviting voters to join them in waiting for results at Pittsboro Roadhouse after polls close in Pittsboro.

TV News Coverage

It may not be uniquely North Carolinian, but you can join viewers from around the country in watching national election results roll in by tuning to major news broadcasters like CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News after polls close on Nov. 8.

Online, All The Time

There's no reason to wait until Nov. 9 to get election results even if television isn't your thing (with the endless stream of commercials we get nowadays, I don't blame you). The internet puts all the information you could want to know right at your fingertips. Keep abreast of presidential election results throughout the night with live coverage and updates from Reuters.

For local elections — North Carolina has heated Senate and gubernatorial races — turn to the Washington Post and Politico's North Carolina coverage as results roll out throughout the night. The New York Times' Upshot has early voting results from North Carolina.

Also, YouTube will be streaming NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, Telemundo and The Young Turks on Election Day, starting at 7 p.m. EST.

Simply The Numbers


For those who prefer their election results sans political commentary, county voting results will be available online through the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Patience will be key for those who choose to get their results through the state as information is only made available when a county uploads or updates their vote count information.

North Carolina is being heralded as one of a handful of key states to watch closely as results begin to roll out on election night, meaning it's a good idea to keep one on its local election results whether you reside in the Tar Heel state or not.