Big News, Too Cool For School Fans

Most people probably know Too Cool For School for their crazy mascara innovations — the brand's Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara stole the spotlight last December with its customizable wand, blowing everyone's minds with a new frontier of applicator technology. Since then, the brand's mostly been quiet, but that's about to change. For everyone who's been Googling "does Too Cool For School have a store in the U.S.," good news: They just opened their first doors stateside in New York City at 292 Lafayette Street, and the offerings don't disappoint.

With select products previously only available at Sephora and Birchbox, Too Cool For School's flagship SoHo boutique offers 11 of the brand's 12 lines. Similar to Deciem's structure, which has the overarching company, and then brands within it, the Too Cool For School umbrella is home to brands with distinct identities. Among them are Dinoplatz and Egg, which are sold at Sephora, and then Glam Rock, Za, Art Class, McGirly, Plaid, Morocco Ghassoul and Rules of Skincare.

The lines share equally adorable packaging, but similarities stop there as the brand says they're targeting different demographics with each. Cosmetics-wise, look to Dinoplatz for minimalist, but innovative applicators, Glam Rock for more vivid colors, Art Class for more classic-inspired hues, Artify for the teen niche, and Plaid tapping into the timeless appeal of school uniform patterns (and travel-friendly products).

On the skin front, Sephora shoppers will recognize the Egg range for its addictive cinnamon French Toast-esque scent, while Za's trademark punk packaging aims to get younger shoppers into skincare early, according to the brand.

Morocco Ghassoul fulfills the necessary mask quotient with a variety of pore-purifying products, while McGirly taps into rice wine technology — most Western-famous in brands like SK-II, but a common ingredient among Asian skincare brands. Special Care is focused on natural formulas, while Rules of Skincare rounds things out with more clinically-packaged goods targeting skin health.

Whew! A lot, but each line is assembled with such distinct perspective that it never feels like the brands are offering eight different variations on the same. A pleasant change, when it can seem like every brand is flocking to the latest trend (cough, liquid lipstick, cough, palettes). Currently only Sephora-available products are shoppable on the Too Cool for School website, but they say e-commerce will be coming soon, so stay tuned to get shopping.

Images: Courtesy of Brand