This Behind-The-Scenes ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Clip Gives An Adorable Look At A Beloved Pet — VIDEO

As the Gilmore Girls revival ramps up its publicity efforts in the final days before the premiere, there are a lot of things that are delighting fans: Pictures that hint at what the characters are up to, a full-length Gilmore Girls revival trailer, and, on Friday, a behind-the-scenes Gilmore Girls clip from the highly anticipated Netflix series. And trust me when I say that this new featurette is more adorable than anything you were expecting. Sitting down with one of the show’s most beloved cast members, this interview sheds a lot of light on the four-part series airing on Netflix on November 25.

And when I say, “shed,” I mean that very literally. Because the big star in the first behind-the-scenes clip is the main canine himself, Paul Anka. You know, the dog that Lorelai adopts during that terrible season when Rory was MIA. But let’s not revisit that terrible past. Instead, let’s enjoy this clip that provides some much needed info on what exactly this adorable little pup has been up to for the past eight years.

Asked “What’s it like being back?” Paul Anka responds briefly. “Woof,” he says, and then looks stone-faced at his interviewer. Apparently, that wasn’t a question that he liked. Maybe because that’s pretty much what every interviewer has been asking the original cast members lately? The guy has a right to be pretty tired of answering that one.

But when asked what he’s been up to over the past eight years, Paul Anka was willing to spill the beans. “Woof,” he said eagerly, repeating it three times in a row. The comment is a first for the pooch, and it showed a new side of the star, opening up about his life ever since he became a star in the original Gilmore Girls series. It’s a pretty adorable interview, if I do say so myself, and one that is a lot cuter than anything else the cast members would have put out.

Unless it was Jess Mariano. There’s nothing in the world more adorable than Jess.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures