Kylie & Tyga's Couple Costume Is Scary Good

by S. Atkinson

Why do people 'ship Kyga? I have a few guesses: Is it because they're incredibly young and dynamic, putting your "before you hit 30" bucket list to shame? Is it because they're both easy on the eye and look all sorts of great together? Or is it — and be honest with me now — because they have a really good tracklist when it comes to inspired Halloween couple costumes? I'm going to argue that at this time of year, the latter is definitely the most important reason why fans are so into them. So give thanks to whatever deity (or lack thereof) you worship, because Kylie Jenner and Tyga's 2016 Halloween couple costume has not let you down.

In fact, while it's a more low-key affair than fans may be used to from the loved-up pair, it's actually more useful. Because let's face it, while Jenner and Tyga's 2014 Halloween costume of Chucky and Bride of Chucky was cool and memorable, it wasn't that attainable for us mere mortals. Or at least, not at the last minute anyway (unless your significant other has a spiky orange wig lying around their house, just in case). And maybe that's why in 2015 Kyga ended up doing separate costumes. Luckily 2016 is an auspicious year for their fans, because they're back doing what they do best:

If you'd been despairing at not having your Halloween costume picked out yet, relax. Jenner's got you covered. Surely you or your partner — or someone in your friendship group — has some white and black facepaint you can use, right? If not, you can survive with pale foundation or talcum powder paired with black eyeliner. Head over to YouTube for an easy skeleton makeup tutorial, pour yourself a glass of wine (breathe, you've got this), and do your makeup in the privacy of your room where nobody's going to laugh at you if you mess up a couple of times. Hey, that's why baby wipes were invented. Once you become a bonafide skeleton makeup artist and are all set to apply for a new career working solely on horror movies, do your partner's face.

"How long did it take you to learn how to do this?" they might ask, at which point you shrug casually. "I don't know, 10 minutes or so?" Their mind will be blown. Then pair with your sexiest all-black ensemble. You'll look cool, you'll look scary, and heck, it's definitely an upgrade from the Mean Girls sexy animal costume cliché.

Halloween solved. Thanks, Kyga!