What’s Left In ColourPop X Karrueche Tran? Grab These Items Before They're Gone

Beauty collabs come and go, but this is definitely one that you shouldn't want to part with. Not before you rack up on the products one last time, at least. Goodbyes aren’t easy, but having a package of Colourpop goodies arrive at your door should soften the blow a little bit. What’s left to shop in the ColourPop X Karrueche Tran Collection? You’ve still got some time to get these goods before they’re gone.

Although, you don’t have that much time. So, be sure and act quickly. I’m talking, open up a tab for the ColourPop website right now because the last day to shop this collection is Oct. 31. There’s a little bit of everything in this line-up. You’ll find glosses, matte lippies, eyeshadows and more. After the Oct. 31 deadline, these products won’t be available for purchase anymore, and if you loved this collection as much as I did, you’re going to want to compile a stash for yourself. That way, you won’t run out for awhile. Then you won’t have to feel so sad about the fact that it’s going away.

See, retail therapy does work. Each of the items from the two ColourPop X Karrueche Tran collabs were still in stock on the website at the time of publication. Best get to shopping!

This collab is full of must-have pieces. So, whether you're restocking your favorite lippie from the range or trying something out for the first time, there's no way you're going to want to skip buying something before the deadline.

Because these items make for some seriously great makeup looks.

1. Chi Ultra Matte Lip

Ultra Matte Lip in Chi, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

This is sure to be your go-to nude lippie.

2. Fudg'd Gloss

Ultra Glossy Lip in Fudg'd, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

Fudg'd is apart of my personal collection, and let me just tell you, it's the perfect warm brown shade for fall. I'll be stocking up on more of this before it's all gone!

3. KaePop Foursome

KaePop Eyeshadow Foursome, $18, ColourPop Cosmetics

You can't go wrong with a set of fall-ready eyeshadows. This kit has a big of shimmer, bold color and neutral shades. What more could you need?

4. Flush'd Blush

Flush'd Blush, $8, ColourPop Cosmetics

Sweep some peach color on your cheeks to complete each and every one of your beauty looks.

5. Glo Up Highlighter

Glo Up Highlighter, $8, ColourPop Cosmetics

Get your glow on all season long with a golden bronze highlight.

Shop these products and more before Oct. 31. Hurry before time runs out!

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics (5)