These Halloween Episodes Cause Major Nostalgia

by Courtney Lindley

Halloween: a time where all of your favorite TV characters put on insane costumes and gather 'round to involve themselves in plots that don't really make sense. You know, for the sake of a good old holiday special. October truly was a great time to spend hours and hours watching TV, mostly because the magic of original Halloween specials — that only aired once a year and before you could find them on the internet — reigned supreme. Sure, television still continues the trend of special Halloween episodes, and they're constantly playing Hocus Pocus (which we are all thankful for), but they just don't make specials like they used to. For those of you (aka everyone) who enjoy looking back at the programs that helped shape our generation, it's time to talk about the best Halloween episodes from your favorite childhood shows.

So good. So scary. So scary that they are good, and so good that they are scary. Below, the Halloween episodes you need to rewatch before you partake in whatever other festivities you have planned this year. Which probably will have something to do with putting on an insane costume and involving yourself in a plot that doesn't really make sense. Wow, everything comes full circle.

1. Garfield, "Garfield's Halloween Adventure"

Garfield and Odie have a Emmy-award winning (true story) "Halloween Adventure" on a haunted pirate ship. Garfield still hates Mondays.

2. Charlie Brown, "It's The Great Pumpkin"

Known as one of the greatest Halloween specials in all of the land, Linus believes that the Great Pumpkin will appear to him on Halloween. But poor Linus, it does not.

3. The Adventures of Pete and Pete, "Halloweenie"

Little Pete chooses between joining a group of bullies who have dubbed themselves the "Pumpkin Eaters," or going trick-or-treating. Seems like an easy choice to me. Then again, I am not Little Pete.

4. Salute Your Shorts, "The Ghost Story"

The nightmare-inducing episode that haunted Nickelodeon fans for years centers around the story of Zeke the Plumber. Nothing, however, will ever be as chilling as the name "Zeke" for a plumber.

5. The Flintstones, "The Flinstones Meet Rockula & Frankenstone"

The hour-long special follows Fred and Barney attending the Monster Bash party, dressed as Dracula and Frankenstein.

6. Are You Afraid of the Dark?, "The Tale of the Twisted Claw"

This particular episode of the already-frightening series was a twist on a classic tale — The Monkey's Paw. It's the story of two boys who receive three wishes (thanks to a weird and gross vulture's claw).

7. Boy Meets World, "And Then There Was Shawn"

Inspired by the game-changing Wes Craven film, Scream, this Boy Meets World episode was actually pretty terrifying.

The only thing left to do now is figure out where you stashed all your childhood candy.

Images: Nickelodeon