Orlando Bloom Stole The Show At Katy Perry's '50s-Themed Birthday Party — PHOTOS

If it were a competition, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom would be the winners of Halloweekend. First the couple wowed with their Hillary and Bill Clinton costumes at Kate Hudson's Halloween bash on Oct. 28. Then, the next night at Perry's '50s sock hop-themed 32nd birthday party, Bloom's costume won the night yet again. The event, which was sponsored by Covergirl, had everything: Elvis impersonators, a giant game of Twister, even "detention." Perry named the venue "Hudson High" as a shout-out to her given name, Katheryn Hudson, while sporting a "Principal Hudson" name tag on her checked blazer. The photos from the event look like Halloween perfection and are seriously jealousy-inducing.

While Perry's outfit was on point — a yellow pussy bow top (is it just me or are those everywhere right now?), a sleek blonde updo, and a grey and black checkered blazer and skirt — her boyfriend's costume was also serious Halloweekend goals. Bloom rocked black athletic short shorts, a tight red sweatshirt, and an equally sleek blond hairstyle. But the best part of both costumes was the huge smiles plastered on both of the stars' faces — happy images Perry shared on her Snapchat account that night.

The real question I have about the event is, who gave Bloom a basketball? I've never seen anyone get so excited about being able to hold orange pigskin before.

Perry's BFF, Kate Hudson, also showed up at the party with an awesome look. The actor wore an embroidered leather jacket, a floor-length skirt and a headband around her high pony tail for her throwback look. It's such a great costume that she truly gives Bloom a run for his money for who had the best '50s look of the night.

Perhaps the coolest photo of the night comes from Hudson's Instagram, where a crew of Perry's pals look tough in "detention."

But the most fun photos of the night are the ones that show off the actual events of the party. Like this one with an Elvis impersonator:

And this one with a giant game of Twister. Oh to be involved in that ridiculous competition. I can't help but wonder if it got smelly, though. So many people!

Perry has proven she knows how to throw a great party, and Bloom has proven he knows how to dress for one. Is anybody else thinking "dream team?" Because I know it's not just me.