Mindy Kaling Just Won Halloween

Mindy Kaling has already given fans so much: her thoughtful and hilarious TV series The Mindy Project, her classic portrayal of Kelly Kapoor on The Office, her best-selling books, and her always comical tweets to her eight million followers. And now, she has totally won Halloween with an incredible costume. Kaling dressed as pilot Sully Sullenberger for Halloween, or, more accurately, "Tom Hanks as Sully 'Sully' Sullenberger III from the movie Sully , directed by Clint Eastwood," according to her tweets. The star was very specific about which Sully she was, and that's part of the fun of this costume.

For those who need a refresher, Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger was the "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot who landed a commercial airplane in the Hudson river after a flock of birds impaired the flight in 2009. Hanks starred in the movie Sully about the incident earlier this year. And now Kaling is taking on the role for Halloween. She donned a pilot's hat and uniform, along with a greyish white mustache and wig and posed for a photo that she posted on her Instagram account. "I'm just a girl, dressed up as Tom Hanks as Sully Sullenberger III from the film Sully, avoiding doing her work," she wrote in the Instagram photo caption. "This expression is 'Those better not be birds.'"

Kaling posted another photo in which she critiques her costume in her trademark funny way. "[To be honest] it's more like I'm playing Kenan Thompson [from Saturday Night Live] playing Tom Hanks as Sully," she wrote in the IG photo caption as a likely comment on her — and Thompson's — darker skin color than Hanks or Sully, but she also is sporting some Kenan-like eye expressions as well. No matter what, the costume is an amazingly funny and unexpected choice for Kaling.

I'm sure Thompson, the real Sully, and those pesky Hudson river birds would whole-heartedly agree.

Image: Giphy