The Latest Hillary Clinton-Related Emails Might Not Reveal Anything You Didn't Already Know

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell regarding a new trove of documents that may be involved in the closed case into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's personal server email scandal. With the electoral showdown between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump a little over a week away, Comey was heavily criticized for the allegedly partisan-motivated release of information, and a lack of details could further fuel that argument in the days to come. As it turns out, the latest Clinton emails may not reveal that much, and at this point, that's anything but surprising.

As criticisms mount against Comey's release of information about Huma Abedin emails found on a computer owned by Anthony Weiner, the FBI has finally obtained a warrant to search through a portion of the emails. Now, the rush is on to examine as much of the cache as possible prior to Election Day. Although the timing of Comey's widely-circulated letter to Congress has been deemed suspicious by politicians and pundits from the left side of the aisle, one law enforcement official told The Los Angeles Times that the emails weren't to or from Clinton, and were largely comprised of the same material that the bureau had already investigated prior to closing the investigation in July.

The contents of the emails found on Weiner's computer are, of course, unclear and un-publicized, given that the bureau was just granted a warrant to search them. Therefore, it's far too soon to tell exactly what they contain. However, the above summary from unnamed FBI officials seems telling. Since Comey's controversial announcement, multiple subsequent reports from within the bureau seem to point to internal disorganization at best, and potentially illegal partisanship at worst.

It remains to be seen how this most recent disclosure of news in the ongoing Clinton email scandal will affect the outcome of the election, but the accusations currently flying around about both Clinton and Comey are unsettling to say the least. In an election cycle that has brought far more dirt into the public spotlight than ever before, this most recent controversy goes beyond the pale. To think that the head of the FBI, who is prohibited by law to meddle in electoral affairs, is being accused of timing an announcement of an investigation to negatively affect a specific presidential candidate is to suggest that American politics has truly gone mad. And unfortunately, that belief grows stronger by the day as we draw closer than ever to the general election.