11 Couples Costumes You Can Pull Off With Makeup For Spooky Sweethearts

Perhaps your plans to stay in on All Hallow’s Eve have evaporated, because you or your partner got a last minute invite to a spooky shindig that you couldn’t turn down? You’ll be in need of ideas for couples costumes you can pull off with makeup, because you'll probably find all the good costumes have long gone from your local fancy dress stores, plus ordering online isn’t an option this late in the day.

Don’t panic! There are so many cool couples costumes you can create that centre around makeup. Of course, if you want to go all out, you can raid your closet or buy a prop to add to your ensemble, but if you’re really stuck for time, accessories aren’t necessary.

You needn’t worry about being awesome at makeup either; we’re not all makeup artists in training (I’m certainly not) so you can choose a makeup look to suit your skill level. There are also plenty of Halloween makeup ideas that use only a handful of products, so you don’t need to spend a ton on products you might never use again. In fact, creating a creepy look where makeup is the main event, can be one of the thriftiest Halloween costume solutions, because — depending on the contents of your makeup bag — you may already have most of the products you need.

So here are some couples costumes you can create with makeup, so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the Halloween treats.

1. Mime Artists

ahitsrosa on YouTube

Mime artists make for cute and easy costumes. This tutorial is for a romantic mime, but you could always switch up the colors if pink isn't your thing. To make your costume super authentic, wear monochrome clothing and don't forget to melodramatically act out everything with your partner!

2. Frankenstein & His (Or Her) Bride

Beautybyjosiek on YouTube

Put a contemporary spin on this classic Halloween costume and switch it up to suit you and your partner's personalities. You could go with the traditional Frankenstein and his bride, you could be a female version (Frankie) and her bride, or you could be Frankenstein and his husband.

3. The Joker & Harley

Miranda Hedman on YouTube

Who cares if every human on earth is dressing up as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn or The Joker this year? If you were a fan of the movie too, grab your sweetie, pick a character, and have a riot! No-one will care if your costume's not quite correct, as these looks are all about the hair and makeup. So don't forget to pick up some green hairspray for The Joker and some hair chalk for Harley's pigtails.

4. Creepy Dolls

Madeyewlook Twice on YouTube

Scare the pants off everyone who suffers with a doll phobia with creepy doll makeup. If you fancy taking things to the next level (and one of you is particularly talented at SFX) you could also mix and match the creepy doll look with other scary versions of toys, like this terrifying teddy bear makeup.

5. Mermaid & Pirate

Bodmon Zaid on YouTube

Sirens and sailors make for a classic combo and they're super easy looks to create with makeup. For the mermaid, raid your outfit for any shiny garments or anything covered in sequins.

SMLx0 on YouTube

Pirates don't have to be scurvy dogs, they can be incredibly glam like this lady. Pair your makeup look with a loose blouse, boots, and a bandana and you're good to go!

6. Harry Potter & Fawkes

Serena Wanders on YouTube

If one of you has short hair or a wig in your closet, they could be Harry, while the other can be a very fabulous Fawkes the phoenix. All Harry will need is natural makeup and of course, his lightening bolt scar, while Fawkes' look can be achieved by following the above tutorial. Harry's outfit can be created with anything in your closet that resembles school uniform, plus a twig for his wand. Fawkes will look best in anything feathery or any red, yellow, or orange items.

7. Jack & Sally

Torie Mae on YouTube

Tim Burton fans will look awesome dressed as Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack could wear a black suit, while Sally could sport a raggedy dress — as long as you paint doll style joins onto the limbs of Sally, it won't matter so much what you're wearing.

8. Pop Art People

Beautybyjosiek on YouTube

This is a great option for creative couples who can't decide what to be: It's fun, fairly straightforward, and it's not too niche to get lost on other party goers.

9. Zombie & Apocalypse Survivor

Melissa Alatorre on YouTube

This pairing will be a life saver for the last minute couple, as you can probably get away with using items you already have at home. Both the zombie and the apocalypse survivor can wear their own clothes that have been messed up a little. For the zombie, you might want to check out the tutorial above, while the apocalypse survivor will need a dirty face, bloody wounds, and a plastic gun or two.

10. Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Teni Panosian on YouTube

You can go as big or low key as you fancy with this couples costume. You can keep things simple with an elegant Little Red Riding Hood look including a red lip, paired with a hairy-faced werewolf. Or, you can use some SFX makeup to give Little Red a gory scratch and your wolf some realistic fangs. If you don't have a red cape to hand, a piece of red material or a red coat will do nicely.

11. Coraline & The Other Mother

dope2111 on YouTube

Coraline's makeup is insanely easy, it's literally a natural makeup look with some oversized freckles — plus your outfit will look rad finished off with a blue wig (or dyed blue hair) plus a yellow raincoat if you have one. The Other Mother's makeup is much simpler than it looks; you really only need black and white face paint. You could DIY your button eyes, but if you're stuck for time, you can paint these on with makeup or face paint.

Once you've got your couples costumes nailed, all that's left to do is enjoy yourselves. Have a happy Halloween ghouls!

Image: beautybyjosiek /YouTube