What's In Estee Edit's Gritty & Glow Palettes? These Eye & Face Sets Are Meant To Work Together — PHOTOS

When it comes to your makeup look, there are times when you want pretty and polished. Other times, you want sooty and smudged. Often times, you can do both, thanks to coordinated makeup palettes. The Estee Edit's new Gritty & Glow Palettes are two magnetized, limited edition, and mirrored compacts that can be clicked together, so you can tote them wherever you go. What's in the The Estee Edit's Gritty & Glow Palettes?

They are both little different yet are totally designed to work together, so I am so glad you asked. Each of the palettes features six colors, for a total of 12 shades. The Gritty palette solely serves the eyes, while the Glow palette caters to both the eyes and the face.

According to the product description on the Sephora site, the shades are individually formulated with tiny pearl particles for a super sheen finish.

Further breaking things down, the Gritty Eye Palette focuses on your peepers. There are six deeply pigmented shadows intent on allowing you to create the ultimate, perfect smoky eye, which is a look that never, ever goes out of style. All you have to do is layer and blend for a customized eye look.

The eyeshadow colors contained within "Gritty" are as follows: Swerve (golden copper), Riff (champagne rose gold), Burn (burgundy bronze), Wavy (dark emerald), Mood (midnight black with multi-sparkle), and Trip (deep iridescent blue).

The Glow Face + Eye Palette contains six highlighter shades designed for both cheeks and eyes and in shades that are meant to be universal and wearable with all skin tones. The lighter shades can be utilized to brighten and highlight the cheekbones, your Cupid's Bow, your browbone, or the inner corners of eyes. The deeper, darker shades can be popped onto lids or contoured on cheeks.

The "Glow" eye and face shades included are as such: Snowlit (platinum), 14K Glow (champagne), 1st Light (soft pink), Gleam (peachy pink), Ray (golden bronze), and Beachy (burnished copper).

The only rule with the Gritty & Glow palettes? You can mix and you can match. I love how the Gritty case is black and the Glow packaging is white. I am all about juxtapositions.

The Gritty & Glow Palettes are sold together for $58. That shakes out to about $5 per shade/pan.

Images: The Estee Edit/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Sephora (3)