When Are Cryptic Cosmetics Makeup Bags Available? The Studded, Vegan Pouches Are Coming Soon — PHOTOS

Now that's seriously studded style! If you have perfected the goth x rock aesthetic, love Kat Von D's Studded Kiss lipsticks, which live in pyramid-studded cases, or if you adore new cosmetics brand Cryptic Cosmetics and its Gore Couture Matte Lip Veils, I have some slaytastic news for you. Cryptic Cosmetics is launching makeup bags and they are black, studded, have top zippers, and are vegan. When can you buy the Cryptic Cosmetics makeup bags and where?

The Cryptic Cosmetics makeup bags are launching in winter. The brand shared shots of these beautiful and sassy bags on its Instagram but did not share the exact launch date or the price. The brand could be holding back the actual date due to matters of production or marketing initiatives. However, since Winter 2017 officially kicks off on Wednesday, Dec. 21, you can pretty much expect the bags to land around then or after. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part because I want, I want, I want!

If you are unfamiliar, Cryptic Cosmetics is the new brand started by beauty blogger Depechegurl, who slays that alt x goth vibe. She released her own matte liquid lippie through Sola Look and then issued a series of now-sold out, deep, dark, and sexy liquid lippies under her own banner. Up next are the makeup bags, which I am beyond stoked about.

Adorbs, right? This bag is the perfect size for storing and toting all of your essentials.

Take a look inside. There's even a zipper compartment.

Due to the shape and size, the Cryptic Cosmetics makeup bag can also double as a clutch during a night out. The brand already infiltrated the accessories space, since it also sells a cross choker.

Cryptic sells a small and a large version of the Cryptic Cross. That's the large version, which looks weapon-like and fierce AF.

The debut lippies sold out. Check out that velvet texture.

There is no indication of a restock of the five-shade matte Lip Veil set. Hopefully, they will be back soon. I tried them and loved the depth of color and vanilla cupcake scent.

The makeup bags seem like the perfect way to tote the Lip Veils.

Images: Cryptic Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Cryptic Cosmetics (3)