Funny 2016 Best Friend Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

This holiday season, take the oppotunity to show your best friend how much you love them. But, instead of tagging them in a bunch of throwback pictures from when the two of you wore eyeliner in your lower waterlines and thought bucket hats were fetch — and also instead of buying them an expensive scarf that they'll probably leave in the back of a taxi by accident — get them a funny and useful best friend gift. Something that brightens their day, in a non-materialistic way.

Listen, we're all working hard to make ends meet, and the holidays can totally wipe everyone out both physically and financially. So this year, instead of stressing over how to treat your bestie like the royalty they are, (when you can barely afford to keep your heat on put cute clothes on your own back) just get them something funny — it doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful and to make her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Get your bestie an affordable gift that serves a function, and makes them laugh. Because, at the end of the day, you're there to make your bestie smile and feel loved, and that can totally be done with a variety of wacky yet wonderful gift options. Here are some of my favorites:

Prepare For The Future

Cat Bingo, $23, Amazon

You and your bestie probably joke a lot about being old cat ladies together. To ready yourself for this fantastical future, get her a cat bingo set so that you can be sure to be properly prepared for the future. Plus, it gives you an excuse to get a bunch of people together to play, and who can resist an invitation so enticing!?

Mug It Out

Personalized Best Friend Mugs, $16, Etsy

I don't know about you and your bestie, but me and my bestie drink a lot of coffee together. So to give them a personalized gift like this that's super cute and funny but also really useful, is perfect. Also, it's so stinkin' cute.

Gnome Your Limits

Gnome Zen Garden, $33, Amazon

For the perpetually stressed out bestie, get them a zen garden, but with a twist. The standard zen garden is pretty boring and your bestie is bound to push the rake back and forth twice before accidentally knocking the whole thing over. Throw a few colorful gnomes in it and all of a sudden it's a lot more fun to use. Your bestie will be grateful to get a nutty gift that's super useful and that they didn't even know existed.

You Know The Drill

Bring Me Wine Socks, $12, Etsy

Instead of getting your bestie a basic pair of fuzzy holiday socks, get them a pair of socks that have a purpose. These socks keep your feet warm and keep the people around you aware of your needs! What's better?

Basically, You're My Lobster

You're The Monica To My Rachel Cup, $17, Etsy

Another double whammy coffee mug, it's a vessel for life juice and it's a reminder that your bestie's loved. Also, it's a super cute TV throwback that will warm their heart every time they drink out of it.

When There's No Need To Wingardium Leviosa

Harry Potter Micro Fleece Comfy, $33, Amazon

Splurge to get your bestie the ultimate Potterhead winter gift. Remind them that they work hard and that it's OK for them to spend their winter vacation on their bum, rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies as they play on TV nonstop. Northwest is known for their sports fan gear, but they clearly know the Harry Potter market too, and that being a Potterhead requires just as much enthusiasm as a sports fan.

The Kim K Selfie Enhancer

LuMee Illumination Phone Case, $37, Amazon

You know that phone case that all the Kardashians use to make their selfies look bomb? Yeah, that's the LuMee case, and your best friend will not be expecting it. They'll laugh at first, and then use it every day for the rest of time. It's like, really good.

I Donut About You, But I Love It

Best Friends Sweaters, $18, Etsy

Get yourself a gift, and get your bestie one too. You can wear it when you miss each other, or you can wear it when you're together so that everyone knows how close you are. Though I'm sure it's already obvious when you're giving each other booger checks at while you wait for your drinks at the coffee shop.

I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Best Friend Candle, $19, Etsy

... or keep you forever and ever as my very best friend! You and your best friend tell each other literally everything. Which is amazing. But it's also intense. Get them a sweet smelling candle with a witty reminder, it's good for a laugh and some vibes.

Same Old Conversation

Pizza Pizza Shirt, $16, Etsy

It's something you and your best friend talk about all the time, only now, it's on a shirt so you don't even have to say the words. "Pizza?" "Pizza." The answer is always yes, of course, but it's nice to get a new shirt.

But First, Yoga

Pizza Yoga Mat , $32, Amazon

Your best friend knows you well, so they know that when you say you want to meet up and take a yoga class together, that it also means you want to go get pizza after. This gift will give you guys all the motivation you need to keep your winter yoga classes going through the season. There is pizza at the end of the tunnel.

It's Puppy Time

The Dogist Coffee Table Book , $17, Amazon

Admit it, you and your best friend spend most days sending each other pictures of puppies. And when you're not doing that, you're watching videos of puppies together. Just embrace the crazy dog ladies that you are and get your bestie The Dogist coffee table book. This way you can obsess over puppies without a screen between you.

Image: Beauty, Cocktails & Girltalk/Unsplash