Alyson Hannigan Has a 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale Theory, Too

Fans have been speculating on How I Met Your Mother's ending seemingly since it's beginning. Apparently, us fans weren't the only ones speculating. Lily Eriksen, that is, Alyson Hannigan, took to Time Magazine to confess her own HIMYM theory on just what the whole show was about anyway. Understandably, there was always going to be some sort of theorizing going on considering the nature of the show. We too anxiously waited with the Mosby children on our couches as Ted prolifically rambled on and on. Every single time we thought we had guessed it, Ted veered down a completely unforeseen path and moved on from another potential spouse. While he admittedly may have taken a bit too long to get to the point (like any real Dad), there has been an overwhelming eagerness not only to find out who the mother was, but why Ted had started this whole incredibly long winded story in the first place.

Hannigan's premise is different than that of the fan's machinations. Her theory is very LOST-esque and we certainly hope it isn't true, we're not sure our poor mourning hearts could take it. The redhead exclaimed, clearly in response to all of the speculation on the mother being deceased, "We could all be dead...who knows?" She continued, "But I just love that...people are still trying to figure out the end. As Barney would say, 'Wait for it!'" Her elusiveness does make us think that we may have struck a chord, though. So, is the mother dead? Are they all in some sort of weird purgatory-hell where Ted Mosby just can't stop talking? DOES HE END UP WITH ROBIN?!

We don't know much, but we do know whatever the ending is, it's going to be — wait for it — LEGEN-DARY.