Cold Weather Hair Tips Everyone Should Know

Chances are, you know all about how heat can cause damage to your hair, but you might not be aware that the cold can affect your barnet too. Thus, I endeavoured to discover the best cold weather hair tips that everyone should know, in order to keep your locks as healthy as possible during cold climates or the winter months.

Of course, it totally depends where you live, as to whether your hair will have to endure cold temperatures. If you live somewhere with set seasons — where summers are scorching and winter becomes a white-over wonderland — you may have noticed changes in your hair at different times of year. Plus, if your homeland is somewhere that's known for its cooler climate, you'll certainly benefit from expert advice on how to keep your tresses in terrific condition. On the other hand, you may be travelling or emigrating to a land that's known for its rainy days, frosty winds, or high amount of snowfall, in which case you'll definitely need to fill your noggin with knowledge on all things hair care.

Sadly, we're not all Princess Elsa and we can't all have fabulous hair in Arctic conditions. So I spoke to the experts on how to care for your hair during cold weather.

1. Maintain Moisture

Honey Artist Hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz, tells me over email, “Dry air will wick moisture from your hair, so always make sure to use an oil or leave-in conditioner on your hair to keep hydrated.”

In an email with Max Gierl, senior stylist at Mizu New York, Gierl explains, “Consider a hair mask once a week or biweekly, depending on hair type. A moisture cream will also reduce static electricity caused from hats, scarves, and the dry heat in your home and office!”

“Conditioning treatments are good to replenish moisture in the winter, as the hair becomes dehydrated from the dry heat, often found in homes, and apartments.” Corey Tuttle, Honey Artist Hairstylist, tells me via email.

“In addition, R+Co has a product called Foil which is specifically for static! An amazing product! Conditioning just the ends will help if you're concerned about product weighing your hair down.” Says Gierl.

R+Co Foil Frizz Plus Static Control Spray, $27, Amazon

2. Invest In A Cool Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $40, Amazon

Honey Artist Hairstylist, Tyler Colton, tells me via email, “The most common hair damage that can occur in winter month[s] is caused by the dry air heating our homes. To help reduce dry hair and skin I suggest to all my clients to use a cool air humidifier.” He explains, “This will help add moisture back into the air. The other bonus is it also helps to reduce static electricity that can cause fussy, fly away hair.”

Tuttle shares the same opinion regarding the usefulness of air humidifiers, “Humidifiers work to counteract the dry air, which has the tendency to make our skin and hair feel dry.”

“Also, in winter be sure to massage conditioner onto your scalp to help reduce dry scalp and flaking that is also caused from dry heat in our homes or work places. I like using Joico K-Pak Reconstructor.” Says Colton.

3. Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry Before Venturing Outdoors

Rosenkranz explains, “Always make sure your hair is completely dry before going out into the cold. Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it's wet and if you get little icicles in your hair, you are just adding weight which can cause breakage.”

4. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

“Keep washing your hair to a minimum, only 2 to 3 times a week to keep the hair from drying out.” Instructs Tuttle. He continues, “Also, to prevent damage or even breakage to your hair, avoid blow-drying and brushing your hair when it is soaking wet, be sure to towel dry… mostly because the hair is most delicate when wet.”

Gierl says, “Consider not shampooing as often or switching to a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Oribe's Moisture & Control, Beautiful Color, and Ultra Gentle are great! R+Co has Atlantis for great moisture.”

ORIBE Shampoo for Moisture & Control, $45, Amazon; ORIBE Shampoo For Beautiful Color, $44, Amazon; ORIBE Ultra Gentle Shampoo, $38, Net-A-Porter; R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo, $28, Amazon;

“Use a leave-in conditioner or moisture cream before blow drying. I still LOVE Oribe Supershine Crème for style.” Adds Gierl.

ORIBE Supershine Moisturizing Crème, $52, Amazon

5. Stay On Top Of Detangling

“I'd say the main reasons for damage in the winter time is from the lack of moisture caused from the New York heat in your apartment.” Gierl says, “That combined with hats and scarves causing longer hair to become tangled are the main winter hair dramas.”

Gierl advises, “Make sure you brush through your hair if it's long to keep it detangled.” So ensure you’re not leaving your locks too long between detangling; perhaps carry a comb or brush in your bag, especially on days when you’re wearing hats and scarves.

6. Keep Up With Your Trims

Sure, your hair may not be on show as often as in the warmer months, but that’s no reason to let its upkeep fall by the wayside. Tuttle tells me, “It’s very important to keep the ends of your hair trimmed as it helps with the overall health of the hair and keeps dry, brittle, broken split ends at bay.”

7. Keep Hair Outside Your Collar

“Friction caused by collars on jackets can lead to frizzy broken hair. Make sure to keep your hair on the outside of your collar to decrease friction.” Rosenkranz recommends.

8. Cover Up With Silk Scarves & Hats

Tuttle tells me, “A simple tip to protect your hair in the cold winter months is to keep your hair covered in a hat and even better, to have a silk scarf underneath the hat, as it helps to protect your hair from damage by the hat rubbing against your hair, and [it] also cuts down on the static.”

“Fabric softening sheets are also great to rub on your hair to prevent unwanted static.” Adds Tuttle.

Now you're in the know when it comes to winter time haircare, your strands will be prepared whatever the weather!

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