How Much Is Foreo’s Luna Play Mini? It's So Much More Affordable Than You'd Think

You know all of those super-expensive skin products we all lust over in Sephora before making our way over to the under-$10 mask bar? Foreo's Luna has constantly been one of them. At $139, it's always been just a littttle bit too expensive to justify as an impulse buy. Now, though, there is a much cheaper version that you can bring home for a quarter of the price. So how much is Foreo's Luna Play Mini?

Foreo's products have always been some of the best (and cutest) products in skin care. The brightly colored facial "brushes," which look like brightly colored little balls covered in nubs, vibrate on your skin to help clean your pores and fight aging and wrinkles. The Swedish brand has a variety of different products, each with a different core function (like anti-aging, eye illuminating and skin cleansing) that retail from $99 to $139. The new Luna Play Mini, however, is only $39.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the brand is looking to attract customers (read: Millennials) who aren't 100 percent sure that they're ready to add literal machinery into their skincare regiments. It's still unclear why the new Luna Play Mini is so much less expensive than it's older sisters, but from what I can tell it has something to do with how long it lasts: The $139 version has a 10-year guarantee, while this little guy is only meant to last for two months or 100 uses. It's also not rechargeable, hence the short lifetime.

Foreo Luna Play Mini, $39, Sephora

I that not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?! The precious little product has actually been available at select Sephora stores since August (though it definitely wasn't anywhere near the $5 masks, I swear.) but as of Nov. 7 will be available in all locations as well as at Nordstrom and Space NK. You can get it online now at and It comes in seven colors — lots of brights, some pastels and a dark black —which means you can swap shades after every 100 times you wash your face with it.

For $39, it's worth a test before committing to the real thing — even if it's just to throw in your makeup bag for an easy on-the-go face washing solution.

And after 100 uses, you can always use it for scale in top shelf Instagram posts.

Instagram: Foreo/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands