The Burgundy KyShadow Palette Is Back & Here’s Why You Need To Buy It Now

Kylie Jenner is making her fans excessively happy as of late. Not only did she give fans the low down on how to wear Kylie Cosmetics for Halloween but not she's giving them some serious impetus to purchase the newly restocked Kyshadow Burgundy Palette thanks to some very serious promos going down over at the Kylie Cosmetics website. Jenner is stepping up her game for the holidays, and fans should be pretty stoked about it.

Why is the Kyshadow Burgundy Palette the product to buy right now, though? It's because of those promos Jenner has going on with her brand. Let's be honest, though, it's also because the Kyshadow Burgundy Palette is gorgeous and totally on trend for fall. Since the initial restock of the palette, though, Jenner has announced that for Halloween, she'll be giving away her metal matte lip of KyMajesty, a metallic black that's seriously perfect for the holiday. On top of KyMajesty, though, Jenner is currently running her free shipping deal when your order is over $40. Conveniently, the Burgundy Palette rings in at $42.

Basically, when you order the palette, not only will you be receiving one of the most hyped pieces of makeup of 2016, but you'll also snag a full size metal matte lip and avoid paying shipping.

KyMajesty has even been marked down to zero cost on the Kylie Cosmetics. The promotion ends at midnight PT. However, Jenner's free shipping is running throughout the holiday season.

While the latest KyShadow palette will let you take advantage of all of Jenner's latest announcement, you may want to move quickly. It's bound to sell out, and you'll want to snag this gorgeous warm-toned collection fast.

Clearly, fans are already taking advantage of the promotions, and who could blame them?

Head over to Kylie Cosmetics' website to snatch up the latest Kyshadow palette that comes complete with free shipping and a free KyMajesty metal matte lip. Talk about a major treat for Halloween, right?

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram