The Burgundy Palette Is Back, Kylie Cosmetics Fans

It's that time again, fans. Kylie Jenner is officially on a restocking binge, and it's definitely good news for fans. The Kylie Cosmetics KyShadow Burgundy Palette restocked on Monday, Oct. 24, and while the restock itself is exciting, the fact that the palette is still available is even better news. That's right, the KyShadow Burgundy palette is still available over at the Kylie Cosmetics website, and if you're one of the fans unable to purchase the palette during its debut last week, now may just be your chance.

When the palette debuted on Oct. 20, the stunning collection of metallic shimmers and flat mattes was a major wow for fans especially since Jenner launched the palette alongside a restock of her new fall lip kits. The lip kits themselves were another exciting moment for fans marking a fall full of surprises just like Jenner planned. The Burgundy palette, however, definitely seems to have taken the cake when it comes to fan excitement.

That may just be why Jenner decided to restock her palette so quickly. A mere three days after the initial launch, the collection of shadows came back in full force, and fans were stoked. With gorgeous shades like these, though, who could blame them?

Unfortunately, there's no way to know how much longer the palette will be available, but fans do seem to be ordering.

With fans already purchasing the palette, it's probably time for fans to start grabbing the palettes.

Basically, you need to get this beauty while the getting is good. Head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website and rock those perfect fall looks throughout the season.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram