The 'Psych' Finale Ended on an Engaged Note

If Psych were a movie series, the season finale would have been akin to Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It was a little long and had some unlikely turns, but it ended in a safe place. Even though all of the devoted psychos are going to miss Shawn and Gus, at least we know they've made it to the promised land — San Francisco.

I could nitpick a few things about the beginning of beginning of the episode. Some of the greatest Psych episodes have been themed, yet the finale vacillated from glory days to treasure hunt to reunion tour. Also, the one-liners were decidedly lacking, and I would have liked to see a bit more tomfoolery before Shawn and Gus hung up their pineapples. And although the over-the-top melodrama was sometimes welcome, it got old after a while. Oh, and I wish Gus had been a sympathetic crier at least once.

But vastly outweighing any regrets about the last episode was the beauty of the last 15 minutes. In the time after the 40-minute mark, Shawn left Santa Monica, proposed to Juliet, and finally told Gus that the Pluto line doesn't always work. In a brilliant move, the show's writers chose to focus on Gus in the crucial last moments of the show. Although Shawn tried to break up with Gus in a video, Gus didn't accept it. And in the uncertain way only Gus can, he quit his job, tried to hit on a new girl (and failed), and helped Shawn propose to Juliet. Then the three of them drove recklessly into the sunset.

To all the other cop comedies that have tried to imitate the antics of Jules, Shawn and Gus, I have two words: suck it. Psych will always be one of the quirkiest comedies with dead bodies out there, and I'm so glad Shawn and Gus stuck around this long. I raise a plate of fries quatro queso dos fritos to you all.