9 Beauty Vloggers' 2016 Halloween Costumes Will Inspire You To Go All Out Next Year

Halloween 2016 was a serious moment for costumes. From Kylie Jenner's insanely good — and Christina Aguilera-approved — "Dirty 2002" costume to NPH's family continuing to slay with their group get-ups, there was a lot of greatness. Beauty junkies' favorite beauty vloggers' Halloween costumes didn't disappoint either. From Desi Perkins to Jasmine Brown, these talented makeup artists were bound to kill it for Halloween, and kill it they did. After all, they have spent most of the month uploading tutorials on how to create achievable Halloween looks. From Sandy to skulls, there was some seriously fierce looks thanks to YouTube's finest.

While celebrities get tons of attention for their incredible costumes — and sometimes their tone deaf ones — YouTube beauty influencers are basically the kings and queens of Halloween. While celebs may have teams working on their looks, your favorite beauty vloggers create, execute, and showcase a unique look all on their own. Most of the time, these fashionable and talented individuals create multiple looks to film for their channels. From sugar fiends to the Spice Girls, beauty bloggers kill it every year.

Halloween 2016 was no different. Whether they were at the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills halloween party or just killing it doing their own things earlier during the spooky festivities, these artists came to slay.

1. Desi Perkins

While you probably saw Perkins hilariously rocking a T-Rex costume on Instagram, this last minute mummy is so spookily glam.

2. Kandee Johnson

Johnson killed it as a ring leader at the NYX Cosmetics Halloween party.

3. Gabriel Zamora

Zamora did a tutorial on this insanely cool blue skull, but he also rocked it himself to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Halloween party.

4. Carli Bybel

How classic and cool does Bybel look? This may have been a last minute costume, but no one would ever know.

5. Jasmine Brown

Who knew that Chucky could be terrifying and gorgeous?

6. Patrick Starr

Seriously killing it as Mel B.

7. Nikita Dragun

Chanel Oberlin would be so proud.

8. Laura Lee

That highlight, though.

9. Alyssa Forever

Actually, flawless.

Basically, beauty vloggers not only insanely talented, but they're also crazy creative. Come next Halloween, expect even more slayage.