15 Easy Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Follow For Costume Success — VIDEOS

I know it might still seem like forever away, but Halloween is not that far off! For those of you that dig into the beauty side of things like me on this holiday, you definitely don't want to miss these fifteen easy Halloween makeup YouTube tutorials. I scanned high and low for ones that were sure to shock, impress, and most importantly, not take an eternity or professional background to pull off effectively.

If you still have absolutely no clue what your Halloween plan is, Bustle writers have definitely rounded up some solid ideas. All about that little mermaid life? Learn how to buy your own mermaid tail. Got a major sweet tooth? Hit up these looks inspired by Halloween candy! And if you're like yeah, whatever, I'm busy, you can still make a last minute Halloween costume with just one accessory.

With so much time to still get ready, you have no excuses for being unprepared on Halloween. The videos below require different levels of skill and effort, but you have weeks and weeks to practice and master whatever look you want. This is the time of year where there's no reason not to live it up and do it right. Dare I say it, this is even an appropriate use of #YOLOOOOO !

1. Comic Book Makeup

Var on YouTube

The majority of this whole look just requires a chubby black pencil. Ease to the max.

2. Easy Sugar Skull

Shonagh Scott on YouTube

Channel those day of the dead vibes and look totally hot doing it!

3. Pin-Up Zombie

Bonnie Corban SFX on YouTube

Torn between sexy and scary. Be both!

4. Creepy Cute Doll

KARMAN on YouTube

Or mix creepy and cute with this simple doll face.

5. Bambi

FreshBlush on YouTube

AHH, this deer face is definitely what I'm doing this year.

6. Half-Skull

pollyanne b on YouTube

On the fence about committing to a full skull? Check out this twisted, cool half version.

7. Barbie

Kandee Johnson on YouTube

Because, obviously.

8. Mermaid

Rena Chan Le on YouTube

Under the seaaaaa....

9. Sexy Cat

BeautyByGabbie on YouTube

This is a great choice when you've only got a few minutes to get ready.

10. Cleopatra

pixiwoo on YouTube

This is the bright blue-shadowed, vintage Elizabeth Taylor version, which is the best version, of course.

11. Watermelon

Eyedolize Makeup on YouTube

Vegans rejoice!

12. Vampire

Katherine Elizabeth on YouTube

Vegans cry!

13. Donut Lips

Eyedolize Makeup on YouTube

OK. Can I be Bambi and have donut lips at the same time, PUHLEASE?!

14. Bellatrix Lestrange

Brizzy Voices on YouTube

Makeup-wise, Lestrange is definitely my top Potter pick!

15. Sailor Moon

JackyOhhh on YouTube

You might only get to be Sailor Moon once this year, but you can use that lipstick over and over!

Image Credit: Britney Greene/Flickr