How People Really Celebrated Halloween In 2016

A holiday technically hasn't happened until you post about it on social media, and this year, Twitter users repped homemade costumes, haunted happenings, and celebrated everything spooky with the #Halloween2016 hashtag.

Everyone observed All Hallows Eve a little differently. If you're a parent, you roamed your neighborhood (or apartment hallways) with spawn in tow, knocked on doors and racked up candy. They probably wore an adorable costume, and you might have too. It was all about keeping it G-rated, with friendly ghosts and adorable monsters.

Then, there's the adult-themed Halloween. If you're in this category, you brought your costumed self to a bar, club or house soiree to dance, let loose, and maybe get lit. If you're not partnered up, hookups may have happened. It's the one time of year you can really tell a lot about a person's interests based upon their outfit, after all.

Next up, you have the serious Halloween observer's Halloween. These are the types who may practice witchcraft of some kind — or just are really into gore and the macabre, so they spent the entire year sorting out their blood-soaked costume and their Halloween plans ahead of time. To them, this holiday is no joke.

Then, there are those who fall somewhere in between. Here's how Twitter celebrated Halloween in 2016:

1. They Got Dressed Up

2. They Got Into Spooky Decor

3. They Got Serious About Candy

4. They Dressed Up Their Pets, Too

Images: Fotolia; Twitter