The 'Stranger Things' Cast's Group Halloween Costume Puts A Creative Spin On Classic Characters — PHOTO

Claiming that Stranger Things costumes are popular this year is an underestimate the size of "the Titanic was a tiny shipwreck." Everyone's doing Eleven, The Demagorgon, or Barb this year — and who can blame them? Those are great costumes, sure to get many likes on the ole 'Instagram. But the older siblings from Stranger Things chose to go a different, more classic way for Halloween this year. And while I understand why they didn't choose to go the Hawkins, Indiana route, Stranger Things is the perfect '80s-themed spooky show and thus the perfect choice for the rest of us normals who like to dress in period clothes or as characters from their favorite TV shows. I get it, I really do.

But for the siblings of Will Byers and Mike Wheeler, Nancy and Jonathan — or at least the actors who play them (Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton) — a classic but creative look was the way to go for Halloweekend 2016. The two friends on a mission-with-confusing-benefits battled The Demagorgon in the Stranger Things universe, but in the actual universe, the real-life actor friends joined together to battle the thrift stores and create the perfect The Wizard of Oz look. Dyer rocked a cute Cowardly Lion while Heaton tackled the Scarecrow and two other friends tagged along as Dorothy and the Tin Man.

Dyer's adorable look complete with a cute red bow and Timbaland boots is the perfect fashionable twist on the character. With her collared tan jacket and matching leggings it looks like she hopped off a runway and accidentally ran into some cat makeup. Meanwhile, Heaton's green sweater and black leggings kind of look like something one would wear while working out — if it weren't for the awesome DIY hay sprinkled all over. Their friends also stepped to the plate in a pretty fashionable way. The Tin Man opts for a grey suit and silver face paint instead of actually constructing a box and looks like, if he weren't wearing silver face paint, he would just be a hip guy going out to dinner. The group's genderless Dorothy is also nailing the look it with a cute blue jumper over a white top and red sneakers. If it weren't for some costume-y details, it would honestly seem like this crew was just going out for a regular night on the town. They seriously killed the homemade costume game this year.


I can't be the only one hoping we'll get a solid Halloween episode in Season 2 of Stranger Things. Now that I've seen Dyer and Heaton's real-life costumes, I wanna see their show costumes!

Images: Netflix, charlie.r.heaton/ nstagram Giphy