Will 'Little Women: LA' Return For Season 6? There Are Exciting Times Ahead For The Cast

This season of Little Women: LA has been filled with so many twists and turns and shifting alliances among the ladies, that I have no idea where things will stand by the time the Season 5 finale ends on Wednesday night. What I do know is that it looks like Terra Jolé and Christy Gibel could finally determine once and for all whether or not they want to put an end to their friendship, according to this sneak peek of the episode. But everything else about the show, including whether or not Little Women: LA will return for Season 6 is still a mystery.

No, Lifetime has not announced one way or the other if Little Women: LA will be back for a sixth season. However, I have a good feeling that we'll see Terra, Christy, and the rest of the gang back on our TV screens before we know it.

For one thing, the network has rarely revealed the fate of Little Women: LA before the show's current season has ended, but here we are with a solid five-season run already. Little Women: LA has also grown in the number of episodes of each season and in spinoffs and companion series like Little Women: Terra's Little Family and Little Talk. I would be surprised if Lifetime cut something loose that it has invested so much in. Not to mention, Little Women: LA's ratings are as strong as ever this season, according to data from The Nielsen Company, as reported by Screener.

Of course, the next question you probably have is, "When will Season 6 of Little Women: LA premiere?" Without an official renewal from Lifetime, there's no official premiere date, either. But if we go off of the pattern set by the show's previous seasons, it's likely that if there is a Season 6 of Little Women: LA, it will premiere sometime in January 2017 because that's the month that every even numbered season has bowed during the series' run, according to TV Guide.

If Little Women: LA does return for Season 6, you know there's going to be a lot of new developments among the ladies. Why, even in the couple of months since filming on this season ended, a lot has happened in their lives.

Briana Renée

Briana seems to be loving taking care of her 3-month-old son Maverick these days. “Maverick did a full on smile the other day,” Briana said during a recent interview with PEOPLE . “I forgot all the moments I was upset or that he was screaming an hour before and my heart melted. That moment just made everything worth it.”

It's easy to see that in the photos featured in Briana's Instagram profile, which show her looking absolutely euphoric in her life with Maverick, daughter Leiana, and husband Matt. It looks like Briana has learned to forget about the drama and focus on what's really important.

Christy Gibel

Christy has certainly kept busy since filming this season of Little Women: LA. She has been making lots of public appearances at events like the Life Is Beautiful festival in September and the Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk in October. She will also be presenting at the 2016 Reality TV Awards on Wednesday, she announced on Instagram. Christy also seems to be spending as much time with her growing teenage daughter Autumn as possible these days.

Elena Gant

I doubt there's ever a dull moment in the Gant household now that Elena and her husband Preston are the proud parents of 5-month-old twin boys, Xavier and Kairo. The couple has definitely perfected the art of taking absolutely adorable baby photos, that's for sure. Elena recently told PEOPLE that she still hasn't confirmed with doctors whether or not her children have a form of dwarfism as she does (dad Preston is average size).

On the professional front, Elena finally launched her limited edition collaboration with Morphe, The Little Palette, which we've seen her hard at work to get off the ground for the past couple of seasons of Little Women: LA. I can't wait to see what endeavor Elena takes on next.

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge

Jasmine is yet another Little Women: LA cast member to get pregnant recently. She's expecting her second child with husband Chris. The couple already has a son, 3-year-old Mason, who was recently the cutest Mickey to Jasmine's Minnie Mouse for Halloween. We should expect to see Jasmine continue to fabulously document her growing baby bump on Instagram until she gives birth.

Terra Jolé

Season 6 of Little Women: LA may have wrapped a couple of months ago, but Terra hasn't left your TV screen. We'll see her get ready for her Dancing with the Stars debut as part of the current Season 23 cast during the Little Women: LA season finale Wednesday night. She is still slaying the competition today with pro partner Sasha Farber. However, that hasn't been easy as Terra has had to deal with challenges like her own insecurities about her height and a hernia, she shared with PEOPLE. Luckily, Terra has received support from many of her Little Women: LA cast members during the competition. Yes, even Christy. Perhaps things aren't so bad between them these days.

Terra began her journey on Dancing with the Stars about a month after giving birth to her second child Grayson in August. Like Elena, Terra also does not yet know if Grayson has a form of dwarfism, she told PEOPLE earlier this month.

Tonya Banks

Life seems to be pretty good for Tonya these days. She's still with her man Kerwin. She has also been spotted hanging out with some celebs, including Snoop Dogg and Jackee Harry. She's also been flexing her philanthropic muscles by supporting organizations like the Special Needs Network and educating others about dwarfism.

With so much always going on in these ladies' lives, how could Lifetime not give Little Women: LA another season?

Images: Richard Knapp (6), Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime