The 'Little Women: LA' Cast Has More Fight In Them

by Laura Rosenfeld

After a messy penultimate episode of Season 3 of Little Women: LA , which involved plenty of mud slinging in both the physical and metaphorical sense, Wednesday night's episode marks yet another season finale of this Lifetime reality series. That's probably for the best because as much as I love watching these ladies go at it, it is altogether an exhausting experience. Luckily, after the season finale airs, I'll have some time to rest up before Season 4 of Little Women: LA returnsif it returns, that is.

Now I don't mean to alarm you or anything like that. All I'm saying is there has been no official announcement from Lifetime on whether or not Little Women: LA will be returning for a fourth season, so we technically don't know if or when it will take place.

But stay brave, Little Women: LA fans, because we've gotten through this same exact situation before. When the Season 2 finale of Little Women: LA aired, Lifetime had not yet announced that a Season 3 of the show would be happening, but lo and behold, by the end of July, it was back in our lives. Seeing as how quickly this show seems to return, I feel pretty confident that Little Women: LA will be back for Season 4 in no time.

When the show does finally return, the cast is going to have a lot to update us on since filming on Season 3 ended. Just because they're not filming the show doesn't mean the ladies of Little Women: LA suddenly start to lead boring lives or anything like that. Here's what each of the cast members has been up to, which will hopefully give us a peek into the future of what we can expect from a possible Season 4.

Terra Jole

Though Terra has been involved in a ton of drama this season that seems to be coming from all sides, it looks like she's letting the good times roll off-camera. But if you were also a newlywed with an adorbz toddler at home, wouldn't you be doing the same? In addition to living the wife and mommy life, Terra seems to be getting back into show biz outside of appearing on reality TV. In the past few months, Terra has gotten back into the recording studio and appeared on the talk show Crazy Talk . She also seems to have found a new hobby in filming videos where she impersonates her Little Women: LA castmates. I can't imagine that's going to go over well next season.

Christy McGinity Gibel

It was heartbreaking to watch Christy and her husband Todd struggle with IVF this season of Little Women: LA, and unfortunately, things haven't been so easy for Christy and her family in recent weeks. Christy has been taking care of her daughter Autumn who underwent leg straightening surgery several weeks ago. Fortunately, it looks like she is on the road to recovery, which is more than we can say for Christy's friendship with Briana Renee. But Christy also experienced something good recently. She was honored by the Bully Awareness Network. Knowing that Christy has overcome so much adversity and still has a wonderful sense of humor about life, she definitely deserves an award.

Briana Renee

Briana's relationship with Matt was the source of much of the drama this season, but the two still seem to be going strong and making one big happy family with Briana's daughter Leiana. They particularly seem to love to play video games together. But speaking of another point of contention among Briana and the other Little Women: LA ladies, she got to sing the national anthem before a San Diego Padres game in August. Briana has also met a ton of famous people in recent weeks, such as Motown founder Berry Gordy and R&B singer Ne-Yo. Terra has never taken Briana's music career very seriously, but maybe she should start doing so.

Tonya Banks

Tonya certainly likes to have a good time on Little Women: LA, but if you get in the way of that, she'll let you know it. Luckily, it seems like she has been having a blast off-screen these days. Tonya has been spotted at some events around Los Angeles, many of which have been in support of great causes like breast cancer research and a kitten rescue non-profit. Tonya also seems to still be working hard on getting her Lil Boss Body workout line off the ground. Of course, the question on everyone's minds is whether or not Tonya is still with Jaa. That is unfortunately unclear, although she did post a romantic photo of her and her boyfriend on Instagram — that had fireworks in the background no less — about seven weeks ago. I don't know about you, but that's all I need to keep the hope alive.

Elena Gant

Elena will renew her vows with husband Preston during Wednesday night's Little Women: LA Season 3 finale, and you can see that she still has that (sort of) newlywed glow to her. Well, that might actually be her makeup, which is an area in which Elena has been trying to make her mark. We've seen her attempt to develop her own line of makeup on Little Women: LA this season, but you can pick up some beauty tips and tricks from Elena right now over on her YouTube channel EG Beauty, which currently has a respectable number of nearly 35,000 subscribers. It looks like Elena doesn't just want to take over L.A. with her beauty empire; she wants the world!

Brittney Guzman

I'm not sure Brittney really knew what she was in for when she signed on to become one of the new cast members on Little Women: LA this season, but she seemed to fit in quite nicely with the other ladies, at least in the troublemaking department. Off the show, it seems that she's just being Brittney. She reunited with Miley Cyrus, to whom she had served as a back-up dancer on the singer's world tour prior to joining Little Women: LA. Brittney seems to keep busy these days by posting a ton of Dubsmash and Musical.ly videos on Twitter, which are actually quite good. Say what you want about Brittney, but girl can move.

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge

It looks like Jasmine somehow managed to survive this season, but her life doesn't seem too different from when she first joined Little Women: LA as one of its new cast members. Though she has changed up her hair a bit every now and then, Jasmine is still a wife, mom, and hairstylist, and it looks like there's really no one else she'd rather be.

Now I hope the Little Women: LA cast learned something from all of these updates and will plan their feuds for Season 4 accordingly.

Images: Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime (5)