Walker Is The Original Artist 'The Voice' Needs

Shake it out, ladies! The last night of The Voice Knockout Rounds failed to disappoint thanks to a powerful battle between Team Miley artists Darby Anne Walker and Maye Thomas. The two women are considered Team Miley's "stylists" meaning they have a very stylistic approach to their artistry that is very authentic and original to who they are. They both slayed their performances, but only one could come out victorious and that was Darby Anne Walker. Keep your eye on this one, folks, because she's going to go far.

At only 17 years old, Walker has established herself as a force in this competition. She's been a front-runner since her Blind Audition when she got to sing with both Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys on The Voice stage. Goals, amirite? Her unique style has wowed the coaches again and again. And with continued coaching from both her coach, Miley, and this week's advisors, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Walker has found new ways to use her voice that have made her even stronger. She is also becoming more confident in her originality, which is key in this competition. As long as she continues to improve and grow herself as an artist, there's no doubt Walker will be around for a while.

But the big question is, does she have what it takes to win? Easy answer: absolutely. Walker is different than anyone who has ever won this competition—which is a good thing. Her originality is extremely refreshing and exactly what the music industry needs right now. She also has a secret weapon that no other contestant has ever had before—Coach Miley. Miley has already made it clear that she's in it to win it for her first season as a coach and she could do just that with Walker on her team. She's encouraging Walker to really own her originality rather than conform to what is expected of her. Miley and Walker are a match made in The Voice heaven and I can't wait to see how far they go in this competition.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC