’20th Century Women’ Trailer Is A Beautiful Glimpse Into What Is Sure To Be A Moving Film — VIDEO

Oh, what do have we here? Yet another terrific trailer for 20th Century Women ? Ah, yes. Yes, that is precisely what we have here. In a new preview for Mike Mills’s to-be-released feature film, we learn a little bit more about Dorothea Fields (Annette Bening) and her mission to teach her adolescent son (Lucas Jade Zuman) how to be a good man… whatever that means nowadays. Set in late ‘70s Santa Barbara, single mother Dorothea enlists the help of her neighbor (Elle Fanning) and the woman who rents a room in her home (Greta Gerwig), confident they will be just the village to raise this kid during a time when "nothing means anything."

As if "it is a movie that stars the devastatingly brilliant and inimitable Annette Bening and it was written/directed by the same filmmaker who wrote and directed the wildly affecting Beginners and it is a period piece and it's set in the too-picturesque-to-be-true city of Santa Barbara and it has a bonkers-great ensemble cast and it is about family banding together" was not enough to make me think I'll probably love 20th Century Women (don't worry, it is so enough), this arresting preview for sure made me feel a whole pile of feelings. You can check it out here:

A24 on YouTube

20th Century Women is slated to hit theaters on Dec. 25.

Image: A24